The Best Time to Buy Furniture 2023: for Smart Shoppers

Best Time to Buy Furniture


Are you eager to find the perfect furniture for your home while saving some bucks? Well, you’re in luck! Finding the perfect furniture at the best price requires strategic planning. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to when you should buy furniture, there are certain times of the year when you can maximize your savings and snag the best deals. In this comprehensive guide,

We’ll explore the best time to buy furniture, considering seasonal sales, industry trends, and insider tips to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home or upgrade a specific piece, this article will empower you to find the perfect furniture while staying within your budget.

Understanding Seasonal Sales Buy Furniture

Best Time to Buy Furniture

Timing your best time to buy furniture purchases during seasonal sales can save you significant amounts of money. Some of the key reasons to keep in mind are:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The weekend is the best time to buy furniture following Thanksgiving offers massive discounts on various products, including furniture. Many retailers offer substantial deals during this time, making it an ideal opportunity to score great furniture at lower prices.

New Year and Presidents’ Day: Many furniture retailers offer discounts to clear out inventory from the previous year, making January and February prime time for deals. Presidents’ Day, in particular, is known for furniture sales and promotions for the best time to buy furniture.

Memorial Day and Labor Day: These holidays often bring substantial discounts on furniture as retailers aim to attract customers with enticing offers. It’s a good idea to watch for sales during these long weekends.

End of Summer and Back-to-School: As summer ends is the best time to buy furniture, retailers offer promotions to make room for new inventory. August and early September can be opportune moments to find discounts, especially on outdoor furniture and office supplies.

Industry Trends and Timing Buy Furniture

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Apart from seasonal sales, understanding industry trends and timing can help you make more informed best time to buy furniture and buying decisions. Consider the following factors:

New Product Releases: Furniture companies often release new models during specific times of the year. As new designs hit the market, retailers may offer discounts on older models to make space for the latest inventory.

Trade Shows: Many furniture manufacturers and retailers participate in trade shows to showcase their products. After these events, you may find discounted prices on display models or floor samples.

End-of-Season Clearance: After each season, retailers may offer clearance sales to make room for new styles. Patience can pay off during these periods, as you can find significant discounts on items that are being phased out.

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Recommended Furniture Items to Buy

Sofas and Sectionals: During discount days, keep an eye out for popular furniture brands like Sohnne that offer high-quality sofas and sectionals. These versatile pieces can anchor your living space and provide comfort for years to come.

Loft Sofa®

loft sofa 2

The Loft Sofa from Sohnne is the epitome of the best living space sofa, combining comfort and style seamlessly. With its sleek design and meticulous attention to detail, it adds contemporary elegance to any room. The sofa’s sturdy construction and plush cushioning ensure both durability and enduring comfort.

Tateyama Sofa Replica®

NewburySofa Beige 1 edited scaled

The Tateyama Sofa Replica® from Sohnne embodies the essence of a luxurious cloud suspended in your living room, offering a combination of plush cushions and a sleek design. This exceptional sofa creates an ideal space for relaxation after a demanding day, whether indulging in a marathon of your favorite TV series or immersing yourself in the pages of a captivating book.

Outdoor Furniture: Upgrade your outdoor living space by taking advantage of discount days to buy outdoor furniture. Consider brands like [Recommended Brand] for their durable and weather-resistant patio sets, loungers, and dining sets.

Kangaroo Chair Replica®

The Kangaroo Chair

The Kangaroo Chair® from Sohnne is a remarkable accent chair that embodies the best in design and comfort. With its distinctive silhouette inspired by a kangaroo’s pouch, this chair stands out as a unique and visually captivating piece.

PP130 Circle Chair Replica

Circle Chair

The PP130 Circle Chair® from Sohnne is a prime example of the best accent chair, boasting exceptional design, timeless appeal, and impeccable craftsmanship for outdoor furniture.


Knowing the best time to buy furniture provides you with an opportunity to save money while upgrading your living space. Take advantage of seasonal sales and industry trends to secure substantial discounts and access a wide selection of furniture. By following these guidelines and considering recommended products, you can make informed purchasing decisions, maximize your savings, and create a stylish and comfortable home that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.


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