8 Best Couches for Apartments Both Indoor and Outdoor


Purchasing a couch for apartment is a great commitment, especially for your apartment. We know that couches are available in different styles, including loveseat, sectional, traditional, and patio. They also come in different common fabrics such as velvet, acetate, cotton, polyester, and leather. Even more, the prices are also different, ranging from 250 to 1,000+ dollars. You will not be confused because we have a guide to help you find the best couches for apartments.

Best Couches for Apartments to Pick

We have a list that contains couches for apartments that are ideal for you. So, you can have one of the following top picks.

1. Sohnne Milton Sofa, Three-Seater

Sohnne Milton Sofa, Three-Seater

This couch is modern, classic, and ergonomic. It is really made for comfort, so you and your family can relax there whenever you want. It is perfect for people who want to relax in style or shut out the rest of the world. For your information, it is made with high-density foam with different densities, while the upholstery is made with quilted fabric. That’s why it is attractive and inviting, both visually and physically.

Besides that, it adapts to different stylistic modes. Anyway, you will not find a more comfortable couch on today’s market. By having this couch, you and your family can enjoyably watch TV together. You can place it in the living room, family room, or anywhere else with a large enough space.

Style: 20th Mid-century modern design | Dimension: 68.5” x 40.1” x 27.5” inch | Upholstery material: teddy velvet

2. Sohnne Milton Sofa, Two-Seater

Sohnne Milton Sofa, Two-Seater

This couches for apartments is well known for its design. It is one of the first sofas to be made entirely from high-density sponge. Of course, the material gives it unparalleled comfort and makes it a popular option for homes. The soft polyester padding, luxurious teddy velvet upholstery, and ergonomic lines ensure comfort for anyone sitting on it. So, it will be perfect for relaxing after a long day.

It is not only comfortable but also visually appealing. For your information, it offers five different foam densities. As a two-seater, this will be ideal for you and your family. Anyway, it is suitable for different spaces. So, you can place it in the living room or anywhere else.

Style: 20th Mid century modern designs | Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 51.5” x 40.1” x 27.5” inch | Upholstery material: Teddy velvet

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3. DHP Cooper Sofa

DHP Cooper Sofa

Priced under $300, this couch meets all the requirements for a worthy couch. For a durable foundation, it has a sturdy wood frame that comes in multiple colorways for versatility, cozy velvet fabric for comfort, and rubber legs. People usually love its material and color. You need to note that the foam is firmer. Of course, it is great for durability but not so good for squishy cushion lovers.

Dimension: 32.4 L x 75 W x 35 H inch | Fabric content: Foram, linen, metal, wood | Color: Black, blue, gray, green, grey linen

4. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

Most married couples will love this couches for apartment so much. Even though it lacks squish, you will like its firmness. It also looks very cool. Then, the construction is firm and sturdy. Even more, it has a reasonable price and is easy to put together. Anyway, the quality is great.

Although it is not the comfiest couch, this is ideal for those who are looking for a couch on a budget, as it costs under 400 dollars. With its affordable price, this couch is fantastic for your apartment. Overall, it is reasonable to consider it one of the best couches for apartments.

Style: Vintage | Dimension: 83” W x 33.5” D x 32.5” H | Material: Fabric | Color: Green velvet

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5. Skinny Fat Sofa

Skinny Fat Sofa

This is the next option for the best apartment couch. This product offers a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial. Besides that, people love it due to its customization, comfort levels, and many more features. Anyway, adding this couch to your apartment will be a great investment. You don’t need to worry about its quality because it’s very impressive.

Dimension: 37” depth x 33” overall height | Frame material: 7 ply wood frame | Upholstery material: fabric of leather

6. Holliston Polyethylene 3-Person Wicker Combo

Holliston Polyethylene 3-Person Wicker Combo

If you are looking for an outdoor couch for your apartment, this cute 3-wicker combo can be a good idea. This couch comes with two slipper chairs. Besides that, it also features one corner section. In addition, the package includes polyester-blend cushions, too. Then, there’s also a water-resistant resin wicker, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. This can be an outstanding little corner couch for your apartment deck. Priced at $609.00, this couch is an excellent value for its price.

Dimension: 31 H x 56.5 W x 56.5 D | Frame material: Dark brown | Seating outer frame material: Polyethylene (PE) wicker

7. Norris Loveseat

Norris Loveseat

This comfortable outdoor loveseat comes with cushions and is a great place to relax in the sun. It not only gives support, but also comes with polyester covers that can be washed in the washing machine. This makes it perfect for days when it might rain. This loveseat is super comfortable for anyone, even a tall person. Even though cushions are damp after a strong rain, water rolls right off and dries fast in the sun.

Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 32.5” H x 52” W x 30” D | Frame material: Solid wood | Cushion color: Gray

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8. Christopher Knight Home Loveseat

Christopher Knight Home Loveseat

This couch is made for “holding two persons close to one another.” It can add some comfort or a major pop of color to your space. It really has good quality for the price. For your information, the seat measures 29.5″ deep, 51.5″ wide, and 28.25″ high. Considering its minimalist design, this couch is suitable for a small apartment.

Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 28.25” D x 51.5” W x 29.5” H | Frame material: Fabric | Color: Muted orange fabric


That’s all the That wraps up the best couches for apartments. Which couch you buy depends on whether you plan to use it indoors or outside. Consider the size of your apartment, as well as the layout, color scheme, and number of occupants while making your decision.

FAQ About Best Couches for Apartments

1. How Do I Choose an Apartment Sofa?
You need to think about your own size, the furniture you already have, and where you want to put it. Don’t be afraid to buy a sectional, compare prices before you shop, and bring your measurements with you.

2. What Type of Couch Should I Have for a Small Apartment?
A standard sofa width ranges from 84″ to 88″, while a standard loveseat is around 52″. Then, small sofas range from 68″ to 80″ wide. So, choose the appropriate size based on your apartment space.

3. Are Sectional Sofas Good for Apartments?
Best couches for apartments come in different models and sectional sofas are excellent pieces of furniture for those who live in a condominium, studio, or small apartment.

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