So Elegant! The 4 Best Black Floor Lamps for Living Room (2023 Update)


Best Black Floor Lamps for Living Room

Black floor lamps for living room can make the living room more beautiful. Your living room is the heart of your home. The living room isn’t just for entertaining guests; it’s also a place where family members can hang out, talk, and make memories. Because of this, many people decorate their living rooms to show who they are. Most of the time, floor lamps are used in living rooms that don’t have side tables.

There are also different shades of color and types of lights. Black-wrapped floor lights provide an appearance of gloom. However, implementing it into the interior design will give it a boldness that may attract attention without seeming overbearing.

When entering a room, the boldness of blending black with various colors may generate a fresh atmosphere. You can use a black floor lamp to decorate your living room in a modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian, or another style. Here are the 4 best black floor lamps for living room with different styles.

Calisto Floor Lamp by Sohnne

Calisto Floor Lamp by Sohnne

Sohnne’s Retro Floor Lamp is our top pick for a black floor lamp for the living room. This adjustable floor lamp may be rotated to various angles. Therefore, this floor lamp is ideal for studying, reading, and playing games. The dimensions of this lamp are 26 cm (diameter) x 115 cm, and its weight is 2.13 kg (height). It’s easy to carry, and you can put it anywhere.

This Industrial Lamp has a telescoping arm and is height-adjustable. The lamp and cone shade fixtures are built of high-quality iron, aluminum, and silicon and use energy-saving LED bulbs. The Color Rendering Index is 90 Ra, therefore, the object’s reflected light is quite good and visually nice. Dimming is currently available in floor lamps with a 2700-6000 K color temperature.

It will look bold, elegant, and attractive with the black lampshade and lamp stand with a hint of gold. This lamp would look great in a retro, industrial, modern-chic, mid-century modern, or contemporary living room. There is a one-year warranty on this item.

Type: Floor Lamp | Dimension: 26 x 115 cm | Color: Black | Material: Iron+Aluminum+Silicone | Light Source: LED

70″ LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

70" LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

The 70″ LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is the next choice for black floor lamps for living room. This torchiere-style floor lamp is made of black-finished aluminum. Floor lamp from Latitude Run® are available in a variety of colors, including black, bronze, silver gray, and white.

Overall, the lamp measures 70.5 inches in height and 8.72 lbs in weight. You can use this lamp as a reading and room light since it has two lamps—a 27 watt main bulb (indirect lamp ) and a 7 watt spotlight (direct lamp). Utilizing LED lighting, this floor lamp has a lifespan of up to 5000 hours. Furthermore, the Torchiere Floor Lamp by Latitude Run® has a remote control, a dimming feature, and can connect to Google Assistant or Alexa.

The lamp shade can be rotated 85 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted between 80 and 2400 lumens based on the user’s needs and preferences. There is a change color temperature feature that can emit 3000K (warm), 4000K (warm white), 5000K (cool white), and 6000K (daylight) lights.

You can change the brightness and color of both lights or just one. This makes it great for reading, doing art projects, lighting the whole room, and setting the mood. This black floor lamp will give simple, modern, and attractive vibes.

Type: Torchiere | Dimension: 70.5” H x 9.8” W x 9.8” D | Color: Black, Bronze, Silver Gray, White | Material: Metal | Light Source: LED

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Wimborne 69″ Arched Floor Lamp

Wimborne 69" Arched Floor Lamp

George Oliver makes a black floor lamp in the shape of a curved lamp. It is slim and simple, but still looks elegant. This lamp is 69 inches in height and 20.68 lbs in weight. It has a lamp neck that can be rotated. The switch is located on a 72-inch-long cable.

There is one Compact Fluorescent (CFL) with 13 Watts of electrical power and 830 lm of brightness. The white light will brighten the room well. The fixture is made of nickel, while the lampshade is made of 100% cotton. Unfortunately, there is no store warranty available for this item.

Type: Arched/Arc | Dimension: 69” H x 33.5” W x 19.5” D | Maximum wattage per bulb: 13 watt

Morey 80″ H Arc Floor Lamp

Morey 80" H Arc Floor Lamp

The last recommendation for the best black floor lamp for living room is Morey 80″ H Arc Floor Lamp. This arch-shaped lamp with a cone-shaped shade has an overall height of 80 inches and a weight of 30 lbs. Although it is curved, the black lamp stand is stable.

The fixture is constructed of metal, while the shade is made of fabric. There is a comfortable footswitch with a cable length of 17.5 inches to make it easier to turn on or off the light. Unfortunately, this lamp has no dimming feature, and the lamp is sold separately.

This black floor lamp can use an electric bulb with a maximum wattage of 100. Morey 80 “H Arc Floor Lamp with its unique shape is perfect for contemporary, mid-century modern, and industrial-style living rooms.

Type: Arched/Arc | Dimension: 80” H x 65” W x 20” D | Color: Black, White | Material: Metal | Light Source: LED

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Have you found a good black floor lamp for the living room? With these black floor lamps, you can experiment with various interior design options for your living room. Most importantly, you identify your priorities and understand your needs.

Explore options for black floor lamps and check out previous buyers’ experiences. Visit Sohnne for a variety of furniture-related content and product recommendations. We hope this post gave you some new insights on this topic. See you in the next insightful article!

FAQ About Black Floor Lamps for Living Room

1. How do I know which floor lamp is right for my living room?

When looking for floor lamps for the living room, it’s important to choose ones that go with the style of the room. Then, make sure the size of the lamp you choose is right for the room. Choosing lamps based on size is the best way to ensure the existing light illuminates the right area and has the most effect on the living room.

2. How to choose a floor lamp in the living room that can also be used as a reading light?

Choose a floor lamp that does more than one thing. For example, it could be the main light source and also have adjustable spot lights for reading. Second, you can choose a floor lamp with a flexible neck that can be moved up and down or side to side.

3. How to pick a floor lamp that won’t hurt your eyes?

We suggest you choose a floor lamp with a high-quality LED bulb that gives off a steady light so your eyes don’t get tired quickly. Choose a lamp with a healthy range of color temperatures, such as 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White), and 6500K. (Daylight).

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