6 Best Choices of Cordless Floor Lamps for Living Room (2023 Review)

Circulus Motion Sensor LED Light with motion sensor.


For those who want to keep things simple at home, a cordless lamp is an excellent choice for a portable light source. A battery-operated flashlight is required here. There is now a plethora of cordless light options available. We’ll be talking about cordless floor lamps for living room now.

What Are the Best Cordless Floor Lamps for Living Room?

Below, we will share the most recommended cord-free floor lamps currently available on the market. They will be beautiful additions to your living room.

Sohnne Circulus Motion Sensor LED Light

Circulus Motion Sensor LED Light

Do you get frustrated trying to locate the light switch in the living room? The Sohnne Circulus Motion Sensor LED Light makes things simpler and safer. You can forget about fumbling with the light switch while using this cordless lamp, as it will turn on automatically at a range of 3 to 6 meters.

Plus, it operates without power or wires. The USB charger just need periodic recharging. Then this LED light with a motion sensor will serve its purpose well. The pure white color option will add a touch of sophistication to your family area. A gloomy room like a closet might benefit from this illumination as well.

Emitting color: cool white, warn white | battery usage: no need for wire or battery | return & refund: 30 days

Farol Mobile Rechargeable LED Floor Lamp

Farol Mobile Rechargeable LED Floor Lamp

This rechargeable LED floor light is a great option for anybody seeking a cordless floor lamp. It is 45.5″ in height and has a diameter of 6″. It’s also worth noting that the metal lamp has a minimal profile. A rechargeable battery provides power. As a result, you can almost put this light anyplace you choose. Because it is constructed to be waterproof, you may use it in the great outdoors.

The cost is prohibitive, unfortunately. However, when fully charged, the battery will keep going for a whopping 40 hours. The slim build is also more robust. In addition, there are three distinct levels of lighting available: ambient, diffused, and soft.

Dimension: 13 ¼” H x 4 ¼” W | Material: aluminum | Color: satellite (taupe), whiter, and warm grey

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Bori Large Natural Lantern Set

Bori Large Natural Lantern Set

Then, we also recommend this Bori Lantern. This cord-free lamp runs on 3 AAA batteries. Besides that, it promises several illumination hours with the LED bulb. The set includes an iron stand. However, you can hang it from anywhere with a hook or rope.

This cordless floor lamp is expensive enough and requires some assembly. However, you can set it up easily. That’s why it belongs to cordless floor lamps for living room we recommend to you. Since it comes with weather-resistant resin wicker, this floor lamp is also excellent for outdoor use.

Style: Boho | General dimension: 60” H x 12” W x 12” D | Features: 4 W LED light included | Size: Large dan small

Agilux Patio LED

Agilux Patio LED

This versatile LED lamp can be set to 3 heights. So, it is appropriate as either a desk lamp or a floor lamp. This will be perfect for your living room or any other room in your house. This will also be ideal for outdoor use, like on the patio. It can even act as a pendant light. However, you should separately buy a chain for that application. If you want this cordless floor lamp, you need to spend about 135 dollars.

Color: black | Dimension: 18 x 6 x 6 in | Battery Recharge Time: 3 / 8 hours this depends on what type of wall charger customer is using

CNlight USB Rechargeable & Portable Cordless LED Lamp

CNlight USB Rechargeable & Portable Cordless LED Lamp

This is the next recommendation from us. It comes with a sleek white housing, allowing it to blend in very well with different styles of home decorations. The good news is that it features a long-lasting, USB-rechargeable battery. Besides that, it comes with LEDs that can run for tens of thousands of hours on a full charge. You just need to pay approximately 89 dollars to get this lamp.

Color: White | Dimension: 17.5 x 17.5 x 132.5 cm | Light source type: LED | Material: plastic | Controller type: remote control

Natural Daylight Battery Operated Cordless Daylight Floor Lamp

Natural Daylight Battery Operated Cordless Daylight Floor Lamp

You can power this cordless floor lamp with 4 D batteries or through its AC adapter. For your information, it can power 30 LEDs for 33 hours. Besides that, it has a circular base. Without taking up much space, this lamp can stand up stably. If you are interested in it, you can get it for around 110 dollars.

Battery operated: yes | Includes: thirty LED bulbs | operate as long as : 33 hours continuously

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When buying a cordless floor lamp, you will need to consider a few important things. They include type, design, battery life, and additional features. Now, you can compare our recommendations above and choose your preferred one that meets your needs and purpose. Actually, there are still many other options, including Sohnne floor lamps, available on its official website.

FAQs About Cordless Floor Lamps for Living Room

1. How Does a Cordless Floor Lamp Work?

Since a cordless floor lamp doesn’t require a socket and power cord plugging into a wall outlet, it runs on batteries. However, some cordless lamps come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that you will have to recharge with a USB port or at a docking station.

2. How Long Does a Cordless Lamp Last?

Once it is fully charged, a cordless lamp has different runtimes. On a full charge, it can last from 2 to 100 hours. Of course, the runtime depends on the design of the lamp and the setting of the brightness.

3. How Long Does a Rechargeable Lamp Take to Charge?

Normally, the charging time of a cordless lamp takes about 4–6 hours. Once it is fully charged, it will last for around 4 hours with strong light, or 8 hours with dim light. So, make sure that you set the brightness of the lamp depending on your needs.

4. Can You Leave a Rechargeable Lamp Plugged in?

It is a common habit to leave an electronic product plugged in. Actually, you can leave your charged lamp on a charger. It will not affect the capacity of the battery. However, it’s much better to plug out the charger when the battery is fully charged.

5. Can a Rechargeable Lamp Be Used While Charging?

It is not a good idea to use a rechargeable lamp while charging because it can shorten the lamp’s life. So, it is better to use cordless floor lamps for living room when the battery is fully charged.

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