4 Best Wooden Floor Lamps For Living Room

Wooden Floor Lamps For Living Room


Wooden Floor Lamps For Living Room

Do you have wooden floor lamps for living room ? The living room is one of the rooms that are often visited, both by family and guests. Living room is the most preferred place, of course it requires decorations and other beautiful items such as art, photographs, a sofa, and lamps.

This room certainly requires adequate lighting and is also versatile. One type of floor lamp that can be used for lighting, as well as room decoration, is a type of wooden floor lamp for living room. Wood material will give a classic and luxurious impression. The wood material is also very eco-friendly, and will also soften the look of your home, casual, and updated the living room looks.

If you are looking for a suitable floor lamp model for your living room, then you have come to the right website. Here we will discuss wooden floor lamps for living room. So, just scroll down and enjoy.

Thonburi Floor Lamp by Sohnne

Thonburi Floor Lamp by Sohnne

The Thonburi wooden floor Lamp for living room proves that a piece needs no embellishment to pop within a mid-century modern interior. With a classic tripod stance, this lamp offers plenty of design versatility. The dark-colored wooden tripod floor lamp is perfect for any room.

The classic tripod stance design made of wood makes the appearance of this wooden floor lamp for living room, more luxurious and elegant. It goes well with modern style, industrial style, minimalist style, contemporary style, and Nordic style, making your home beautiful and comfortable.

The classic look brought by the Thonburi lamp will not be defeated by trends, because this model will be very suitable to be combined with any kind of design. The unique three-leg structure adds dimension to the room while remaining effortless in its appeal.

With a classic tripod stance, the Thonburi Floor Lamp offers plenty of design versatility. The dark wooden legs and fabric drum shade work well in modern and contemporary spaces. The eco-friendly rubberwood leg tips soften the look for urban, casual, or updated lodge looks.

Style: Iconic, modern, minimalist | Dimension: ⌀ 17.7″ x 26″ x 61.8″ inch/ ⌀ 44.9 x 66 x 156.9 cm | Weight: 11.2 lbs/ 5.1 kg | Light source type: LED Bulbs | Wattage: 6-10W | Voltage: 90-260V | Color: Black

The Ellis Floor Lamp

The Ellis Floor Lamp

This wooden floor lamp for living room is a simple silhouette that allows natural materials to shine. Natural wood grain is paired with textured white fabric to create an elegant design that suits all styles. A three-way rotary switch is located conveniently on the socket and a clear cord comes neatly out of the base.

Elevate your home decor with natural-style lighting fixtures. A good choice of lighting will definitely bring the perfect style and atmosphere into your home. With a compact footprint and elegant design, the Ellis Wooden Floor Lamps For Living Room provide a large amount of light in a small amount of space.

This functional lamp is ideal for a variety of interior settings including corners, entryways, bedsides, and more.

Weight: 6.16 pounds | Light share material: cotton, polyester | lighting body material: iron | Assembled dimensions: 60.0 inch (H) x 16.0 inch (W) x 17.5 inch (D) | Wattage: 150 watts

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Archiology Tripod Floor Lamp

Archiology Tripod Floor Lamp

The Archaeology tripod wooden floor lamp for living room is designed for those of you who like classic and unique styles. Wood floor lamps provide a comfortable, warm glow that exemplifies elegance and beauty.

It can create a comfortable atmosphere for you at home or anywhere in the office, making family and friends feel at home.

Ideal for being placed in the corner of the living room, next to the sofa, and next to a reading chair or table. The tripod wooden floor lamp for living room has a mid-century modern style with industrial elements. The thick honey-beige lampshade is perfectly located on the three intersecting legs.

The sturdy wooden tripod legs provide excellent balance and support, so this beautiful and timeless piece doesn’t tip over. This lamp will be suitable for your cozy living room, so it’s the best choice that you can have.

Overall dimensions: 63” H x 22.3” W x 22.3” D | Overall weight: 7.37 lb | Cord length: 71” | Color: Black

Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp

This floor lamp brings contemporary wooden design, a simple and elegant appearance, and classic Asian style, which is compatible with most living room decors. Utilize this modern floor lamp with shelves to create a simple and uncluttered living space. You can read, chat, nap and meditate under the corner light stand.

This design will make you feel at ease, because in addition to being useful for lighting this lamp can also be used as a storage place for other collections. Brightech modern shelf floor lamp is made of high-quality fabric. This off white shade softens brightness and opens at the top filter light into a diffused glow. With this warm white LED standing lamp, you can make the room feel cozy and comfortable at night.

Material: wood | Bulb: 9.5 watt, 800 lumen, 3000K LED bulb | Color: brown | Dimension: 10.25 inch L x 10.25 inch W x 63 inch H | Weight: 11.8 pounds

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If you want a comfortable living room, you can make it look better by using different decorative lighting that you can change to fit your space.

When choosing the type and model of floor lamps for the living room, consider the color of the lamp that you will choose. It’s better for you to choose floor lamps that emit warm-colored light or something similar.

In addition, there are things that need to be considered when choosing a suitable floor lamp. You should also choose a wooden floor lamps for living room, this type is eco-friendly and will also have a classic and elegant appearance.

FAQ for Wooden Floor Lamps for Living Room

How do you plan to use this house’s living room?

Like other rooms, the living room will be the most pleasant place because it becomes a gathering space. There will be lots of laughter, stories, and other joys. So, this room will really need sufficient lighting.

 How do we choose the type of product?

As a type of lighting, you can select a floor lamp for your room. This type of lamp will make it very easy for you to move it. Giving the impression of luxury and elegance is one of the advantages given by floor lamps.

Do I have to use a wooden floor lamps for living room?

A wooden floor lamp is one type of eco friendly furniture. Of course, using wooden floor lamps will make you love the environment more, and besides that, the room will look more classic and elegant.

Why do we need decorative lighting?

Decorative lighting can also be a decorative element that can improve the appearance of your room. Aside from being a pretty decoration, this lamp will still do its main job, which is to light the room.

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