6 Best Floor Lamp for Large Room (2023 Review)



Floor Lamp for Large Room

Oh, your living space is grand and you need the best floor lamp for large room which will illuminate the corners that are missed by the overhead lamp? A great decision!

We did lots of research to find the greatest ones, narrowed them down to six, and present them in the article below. These are the best floor lamp for large room around, covering every type of design aesthetic and economic range, from more fashionable iterations of the traditional lamp post to an arched chrome alternative, to stunning statement pieces, and even contemporary LED lamps.

So continue reading to brighten your environment!

Meet the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Large Room

HaloLux Ultra Light Floor Lamp

HaloLux Ultra Light Floor Lamp

To begin our recommendation list, we have this excellent Sohnne HaloLux™ Ultra Light Floor Lamp.

The HaloLux™ marries ultimate efficiency and performance with visual comfort with ground-breaking Edge Lighting Technology. The lamp emits a warm glow that can be controlled for warmth and intensity using a dimmer that is actuated by an optical sensor mounted on one of its three supporting stems. It evenly disperses the light across the space.

The flat disc lighting arrangement of this floor lamp was inspired by the moon’s excellent characteristics. The light may be directed in all possible directions while spinning 360 degrees to provide the best ambient luminance when the disc is mounted on a gyroscopic axis. The warm tone dimming feature is made possible via a sensor on the stem. The Soft Touch sensor is built into the stem, ensuring smooth and accurate control of light flow with a light, natural touch of the hand.

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Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

Brightech roses to the second place on our best floor lamp for large room recommendation list with its Trilage Arc Floor Lamp.

The floor lamp from Brightech features three 9.5 Watt (800 lumens) LED bulbs. The floor lamp emits light that is 3000K warm white. The standing lamp offers sufficient illumination without stressing the eyes, allowing you to study, write, or simply unwind.

The Trilage works with wall switches, Alexa, and the majority of smart home appliances to deliver you the finest. To function in that manner, it must be linked to a smart plug (available separately). Leave the lamp on after assembling the Trilage, connecting the outlet and smart home device, and let technology take care of the rest.

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair

Next up on the third place of our best floor lamp for large room list is the Wood Tripod Floor Lamp by LEPOWER. Lepower’s wooden tripod floor lamp blends perfectly with contemporary design and architecture.

The standing lamp has a distinctive stem with three circular wooden holders, which makes it sufficiently stable. In the living room, bedroom, home office, corner, dining area, and college dorm room, the circular lampshade of the wood floor lamp looks stunning and trendy.

The contemporary floor light is made of a sturdy, long-lasting, and attractive tripod made of high-quality Nature Rubberwood. The mid-century floor lamp shade cord conveniently has a foot switch for quick and simple operation.

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Simple Designs Etagere Organizer Floor Lamp

Dragonn Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

You get what you see with the Simple Designs Home Etagere Organizer shelf light. Once put together, this wooden floor lamp is straightforward and portable.

Simple plastic clips are helpful in concealing the cord. Strong, simple lines offer a reasonably adaptable look and simple to appreciate, and the shade effectively disperses the 100 watts of light across your room. Assembly leaves a fair number of little corners and edges protruding around the lamp, which is typical in shelf lamps of a similar form.

You hardly notice this when you are across the room. However, things change as you get close. Joint connections might be more tightly sealed. The foundation might also be made more durable because the somewhat tall and light construction calls for a hefty item to be placed on the bottom shelf to prevent the cat from toppling it. Although the design and operation of this model are not very noteworthy, its simplicity has many appealing aspects.

Nintiue Dimmable Floor Lamp

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The Nintiue Dimmable Floor Lamp ranks fifth on our best floor lamp for large room lists. This floor lamp is fully step-less dimmable, which makes it suited for every room design and use scenario, helping you discover the ideal light for your needs. This makes it different from standard Non-dimmable floor lights for living rooms.

It is extremely simple to turn on and off this floor lamp. You can change the brightness of the arc floor lighting by just twisting it. This floor lamp has a 25,000-hour E26 base bulb with a 2700K (warm white) color temperature that can save you 90% on energy costs.

Additionally, the LED bulb has a high brightness rating of up to 1000 lumens, making it ideal for reading and studying while shielding your eyes from glare. If they are less than 60W in wattage, other E26-based bulbs are also suitable.

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Chiphy Dimmable Standing Lamp

The last product in this best floor lamp for large room recommendation list comes from Chiphy. This floor light has three brightness settings that may be adjusted. By turning on and off three 12W/2 LED bulbs (2400 LM 100W Equivalent), you may regulate the brightness of three gears.

Lamp Shade in White Tyvek, it’s similar to a paper lampshade. This light may be used in both modern and rustic or antique-looking settings. If you only want to add some gentle atmosphere to your dark room while watching TV, watching a movie, or chatting.


Choosing the right standing lamp for your room is easy as long as you count the available space and the features owned by the lamp. In addition, you can also consider the style so your room will not go out of the way.

Those are our recommendations on the best floor lamp for large room that we specially prepared for you. We hope that this article has given you the utmost information you have been looking for. To get more interesting and educational articles, especially about home design, interior decor, or even the best product recommendations, you can check our page at sohnne.com. Have a good day!

FAQ about Best Floor Lamp for Large Room

1. How do you light a large room with floor lamp?
Place a numerous floor lights at regular intervals, for example, in separate corners of the room, to guarantee adequate amounts of ambient light, especially in bigger spaces. Include a lighting fixture in any dark areas to assist provide constant lighting and tie the space together. 

2. How many lumens should a floor lamp be?
The brightness of light required is determined by the goal of the luminaire. We recommend at least 500 lumens if you intend to use it as a reading lamp. If your floor lamp will provide room lighting, you can use the basic guideline of 100 lumens per square meter.  

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