Proper Office Lighting: Bright Workspace Boosts Productivity!

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When it comes to designing the perfect workspace, lighting often takes a backseat to more visible elements like furniture and technology. However, underestimate the power of proper office lighting at your peril! It’s not just about being able to see what you’re doing (although that’s pretty important). The right lighting can elevate mood, enhance energy levels, and even increase productivity. So, let’s flip the switch and shed some light on how to brilliantly illuminate your office space.

Given the significant amount of time most people spend in offices, ensuring the lighting supports optimal work conditions is not just a matter of preference but a necessity for fostering a healthy and productive work culture. Sohnne provides just that, check out the following lamp!

Pacifico Lamps

From: $359

Elevate the ambiance of your home decor with Pacifico Lamps. This elegant lighting fixture will give the… Read more

Its unique industrial design alone should be enough to convince you why this lamp is a total heartthrob and belong just right in your office. While providing adequate lighting on its own, it also adds a very nice touch to your workspace. The not-so-distracting appearance help it stand out while not distracting when you’re working hard.

Obviously, that’s not the only lamp we have in our arsenal so be sure to read through till the very end. We have so much more to share, starting from lighting tips to the products itself.

The Enlightening Impact of Office Lighting

office lighting

Humans are significantly influenced by their surroundings, and lighting plays a starring role in this dynamic. Office lighting goes beyond mere functionality; it’s about creating an environment where creativity sparks, focus sharpens, and the dreaded afternoon slump is held at bay. But how does one achieve this luminous nirvana? The journey begins with understanding the types of lighting and their uses.

Types of Lights: A Spectrum of Choices

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Office lighting can be categorized into three main types: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting, the office’s overall light, sets the tone and mood. Task lighting focuses on specific areas to ensure adequate light for completing tasks, while accent lighting adds depth and dimension, highlighting architectural features or artwork. Balancing these types can transform an ordinary office into a productivity powerhouse.

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The Bright Side of LED: A Deep Dive into Modern Office Lighting Solutions

LED lights have taken the office world by storm, offering unparalleled energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Their ability to mimic natural daylight has made them a favorite, especially in settings where natural light is scarce. Plus, with the advent of smart lighting systems, adjusting brightness and color temperature to match the time of day or specific tasks has never been easier.

Ergonomics of Light: Positioning and Productivity

The placement of lighting fixtures can make or break an office’s visual ergonomics. Poorly positioned lights can cause glare and shadows, leading to eye strain and fatigue. The key is to position lights strategically to complement natural light, reduce glare on screens, and ensure that every corner of the workspace is adequately illuminated without being overpowering.

Lighting Up Morale: The Psychological Effects of Office Lighting

It’s fascinating how lighting can influence our mood and mental health. Offices with good natural light and well-thought-out artificial lighting solutions tend to have happier, more motivated employees. Different lighting temperatures and colors can affect energy levels and mood, offering insights into creating a harmonious and productive office environment.

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The Future is Bright: Innovations in Office Lighting

The evolution of office lighting continues to excite. From advancements in LED technology to the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) for smarter, more responsive lighting systems, the possibilities are endless. Innovations in office lighting could further transform our workspaces into more efficient, enjoyable places to work.

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Get The Right Office Lighting: Courtesy of Sohnne

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the right office lighting is not just about visibility; it’s about creating a space that fosters productivity, comfort, and creativity. Sohnne’s range of lighting solutions embodies modern design and functionality, perfectly blending into any office setting.

From sleek table lamps to elegant floor lamps, Sohnne offers lighting that not only illuminates your workspace but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Let’s explore some of their standout products that could be the perfect addition to your office.

Flamingo Table Lamp

image 49 | Sohnne®

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of modern lighting with the Flamingo Table Lamp. Inspired by Verner Panton’s design philosophy, this lamp is more than just a light source; it’s a statement of contemporary elegance and innovative craftsmanship. With its sleek, geometric silhouette and dual spun metal shades, it adds a vibrant touch to any office space. Its cordless design and three levels of dimming cater to every lighting need, making it a versatile and stylish choice for office lighting.

  • Weight: 9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg
  • Shade Diameter: 18cm / 7.08″ inch
  • Lamp Height: 30cm / 11.8″ inch
  • Base Diameter: 10cm / 3.93″ inch
  • Material: Crafted from lacquered steel for durability and elegance.
  • Illumination: Built-in LED light with USB charging capability, ensuring energy efficiency and convenience.
  • Design: Sleek, modern design with a glossy finish, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Functionality: Three dimming levels, controlled by a simple tap, for customizable lighting.
  • Portability: Lightweight and rechargeable, designed for easy movement and use in various settings.

Why We Recommend It?

The Flamingo Table Lamp is an exemplary piece of modern lighting design, perfect for any office looking to combine style with functionality. Its cordless, rechargeable design offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any task or mood. The lamp’s energy-efficient LED and durable construction make it a sustainable and long-lasting choice. With its unique blend of aesthetics and practicality, the Flamingo Table Lamp is sure to elevate any office environment.

Goudi Floor Lamp

image 50 | Sohnne®

Illuminate your office with the Goudi Floor Lamp, a beacon of modern sophistication. This lamp combines a unique tripod design with premium wooden materials to add a touch of elegance and warmth to any workspace. Its ambient lighting enhances the overall atmosphere, providing a soft, elegant glow that promotes both productivity and well-being. Designed for versatility and style, the Goudi Floor Lamp is an essential addition to contemporary interiors, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Weight : 11.2 lbs/ 5.1 kg
  • Dimension: ⌀ 17.7″ x 26″ x 61.8″ inch/ ⌀ 44.9 x 66 x 156.9 cm
  • Design: Unique tripod stance for design versatility and dimension.
  • Materials: Crafted with a dark-colored wooden tripod for a sophisticated look.
  • Lighting: Provides high-quality ambient light with a silk-screened PMMA diffuser.
  • Visual Impact: Enhances visual performance and safety while influencing physiological functions.
  • Glow: Emits a soft, elegant glow, adding ambiance and sophistication.

Why We Recommend It?

The Goudi Floor Lamp is highly recommended for its blend of functionality and style, making it a perfect fit for modern office spaces. Its distinctive tripod design not only adds an artistic touch but also ensures stability and durability. The lamp’s ability to emit a soft, ambient light creates a welcoming and comfortable environment, essential for long hours of work. Moreover, its eco-friendly materials and elegant design make it a sustainable and stylish choice for any workspace.

Need further convincing? Here’s one of our most promising review:

Gorgeous lamp and stunning shade. Leaves a moody light perfect for that reading corner. The shade does not give off a lot of light so this isn’t a lamp if you are looking to add significant light to a room, but perfect for an reading corner.” – Mikey, Feb 2024.

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Danish Vintage Floor Lamp

image 51 | Sohnne®

The Danish Vintage Floor Lamp is a masterpiece of Danish craftsmanship, offering a sustainable yet stylish lighting solution for the modern office. Handcrafted with an umbrella-shaped design, this wooden floor lamp not only illuminates your workspace with a warm, inviting glow but also serves as an eco-friendly addition to your decor. With three light sources for cool, warm, and natural light, it allows for versatile mood lighting, making it perfect for any office setting.

  • Weight: 17.6 lbs/ 8 kg
  • Dimension: 59.2″ x 12.6″ inch/ 150 x 75 cm
  • Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted, showcasing the beauty of natural wood patterns.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses energy-efficient LED bulbs for a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Versatile Lighting: Offers cool, warm, and natural light settings to customize the ambiance.
  • Safety: Features a sturdy base and secure button-switch mechanism for safety.
  • Global Compatibility: Comes with EU/US/UK/AU compatible charging heads for worldwide use.

Why We Recommend It?

The Danish Vintage Floor Lamp is recommended for its exceptional blend of style, sustainability, and functionality. Its handcrafted design adds a unique touch to any office, while the eco-friendly LED lighting supports environmental conservation. The versatility in mood lighting settings allows for a personalized office atmosphere, enhancing both productivity and comfort. This lamp is not just a lighting solution; it’s a statement piece that reflects a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Pacifico Lamps 

image 52 | Sohnne®

The Pacifico Lamps stand as a testament to the seamless blend of style and functionality, bringing an elegant touch to office lighting. With its mouth-blown glass shade elegantly perched on a sleek, industrial-style frame, the lamp creates a weightless and ethereal appearance. The warm glow from the LED bulb, resembling a fire burning within, enhances the room’s ambiance, making it ideal for both living spaces and offices. Its stable base ensures durability, while the design itself sets a mood, enhances decor, and provides ample lighting.

  • Weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs | 4 kg / 8.81 lbs
  • Dimension: H 140 x Seat H 53 x W 44 x D 48 cm (H 55.1″ x Seat H 20.9″ x W 17.3″ x D 18.9″) | H 140 x Seat H 53 x W 44 x D 48 cm (H 55.1″ x Seat H 20.9″ x W 17.3″ x D 18.9″)
  • Design: Mouth-blown glass shade on a sleek industrial-style frame for an ethereal appearance.
  • Ambience: Warm light emission for a homier ambiance, creating a visual feast.
  • Stability: Weighted glass and a sturdy onyx black metal base for firm standing.
  • Functionality: Provides both ample lighting and ambiance, enhancing office decor.
  • Material: Handblown tinted glass and powder-coated steel for durability and elegance.

Why we recommend it?

Pacifico Lamps are highly recommended for their unique ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a perfect addition to any office looking to enhance its ambiance. The lamp’s industrial yet elegant design adds a touch of sophistication, while the warm glow it emits creates a welcoming atmosphere conducive to productivity and creativity. Its energy-efficient LED bulb and durable construction also make it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Lighting the Way Forward

In the quest for the perfect office environment, lighting is a powerful tool that shapes our daily work experience, influences our well-being, and plays a crucial role in our productivity. By embracing the principles of effective office lighting, businesses can create spaces that not only look good but feel good too, fostering an atmosphere where employees thrive. So, let there be light—smart, strategic, and splendid light—in every office!

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Office lighting is an essential component of workplace design that affects everything from productivity to well-being. By paying attention to the types of lighting, embracing modern solutions like LED, and considering the psychological impact of light, any workspace can be transformed into a bright, energizing environment that encourages productivity and satisfaction. Let’s not keep this enlightenment to ourselves—share the glow and watch as your office transforms into a beacon of productivity and positivity.

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What is the best type of lighting for an office to reduce eye strain?

The best type of lighting to reduce eye strain in an office is a combination of natural light and LED task lighting. LEDs provide consistent, flicker-free illumination and can be adjusted to match the brightness of the room, reducing glare and eye fatigue.

How can office lighting improve productivity?

Proper office lighting can significantly improve productivity by reducing eye strain, boosting mood, and decreasing fatigue. Optimal lighting conditions include a mix of natural light, overhead ambient lighting, and task lighting, which together create a comfortable environment that encourages focus and efficiency.

What are the recommended lighting levels for an office environment?

The recommended lighting levels for an office environment range from 300 to 500 lux for general tasks. For more detailed tasks requiring higher focus, lighting levels should be increased to around 500 to 1000 lux. Adjustable task lighting is also recommended to cater to individual needs and tasks.

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