6 Best Floor Lamps for Living Room to Capture People’s Attention (2023 Review)


If you are on your way to looking for the best floor lamps for living room you are landing on the right site.

In this article, we will serve you with the six best floor lamps that are not only beautiful but also functional.

A floor lamp for living room is often known as an additional lamp, supporting the overhead lighting. Although it’s mostly true, we cannot oversee it as only an interior accessory.

Rather, a floor lamp could brighten up the corner of the room where the overhead lamp could not reach it. Or, a floor lamp could support you to read your favorite book in your cozy nook.

Never! We could never underestimate the function of a floor lamp in our living space.

In the next section, we will present you the six best floor lamps for living room that are gorgeous and will able to capture people’s attention.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Meet the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

1. Goudi Floor Lamp

1. Goudi Floor Lamp

Our first lineup for this best floor lamps for living room recommendation is a piece from Sohnne.

The Goudi Floor Lamp exemplifies the idea that an item does not need any further elaboration in order to stand out within a mid-century modern setting. This lamp, which takes the form of a traditional tripod, provides an abundance of creative flexibility.

The floor lamp that has a tripod base and is black in color will look great in any environment. It is suitable for homes decorated in a modern style, an industrial style, a minimalist style, a contemporary style, or a Nordic design. This will result in a house that is both lovely and cozy. The one-of-a-kind construction with three legs gives the space a sense of depth while maintaining an airy and unobtrusive appeal.

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2.  Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

2.  Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

The second of the best floor lamps for living room list is the floor lamp by Brightech Carter LED.

Brightech’s Carter Floor Lamp is a no-brainer because of its adaptability, modern design, and low price. With its metal base, slender profile, walnut finish, cloth shade, and pull chain switch, it mixes aspects of retro mid-century and current industrial design.

Basically, this light is suitable for every room and any decor. The lampshade may be a little tricky to install, but the rest of the assembly is straightforward.

The shade is sent folded so that the lamp may be shipped in a more compact package; unroll it and connect it to the base. In spite of being a little counter-intuitive, the procedure is rather quick if you find out the proper technique. Regardless, it is a very fashionable and well-made light that will impress almost anybody.

3. Harrison Shelf Floor Lamp

3. Harrison Shelf Floor Lamp

There is a nice assortment of floor lamps at Pottery Barn Teen that is worth checking even if you are an adult.

Even though it was likely made with teenagers in mind, the Harrison Shelf Floor Lamp is a fantastic pick if you’re looking for a floor lamp with an additional shelf, worth third place on the best floor lamps for living room list.

Aside from its modern gold frame and three white shelves, it also has two USB connections, making it ideal for charging smartphones and other electronic devices.

If you need a floor light but also want a nightstand or a place to dock your Bluetooth speakers and display some decorative items, this is a fantastic option.

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4. BoostArea Floor Lamp

4. BoostArea Floor Lamp

You have the freedom to choose between task lighting, ambient lighting, or both with a mother-daughter lamp like the one seen here. This design is a time-honored classic.

The gooseneck reading lamp can be adjusted to illuminate work or reading locations, and the enormous main lamp will light up any room.

The three-way rotary switch on the pole allows you to turn on either the reading lamp, the main lamp, or both of them at the same time.

Because it is available in seven distinct finishes, you can easily adapt it to the aesthetic of any area in your house.

Customers are consistent in their assertion that the weighted base is not only stylish but also durable, ensuring that the lamp will not be unstable or take up an excessive amount of room.

Some people were dissatisfied with the fact that the LED bulbs cannot be replaced, however, the majority of reviews said that they last for years and that it was not a problem. This one is clearly worth to be added in this list of the best floor lamps for living room.

5. Asymmetry Ceramic Floor Lamp

5. Asymmetry Ceramic Floor Lamp

This ceramic floor lamp has a sleek appearance thanks to its all-white finish, making it an excellent choice for decorating a contemporary or minimalist room. Thus, we include it in this list of the best floor lamp for living room.

The linen shade emits a diffused light that helps create a relaxed atmosphere and is compatible with dimming bulbs.

The ceramic body of the lamp provides a sturdy base, and the on/off switch is positioned in a convenient location at your foot. Its cord is wrapped in gray cloth, making it more discrete than the typical thick black cord that comes with many appliances. This contributes to the overall soft effect that this floor lamp for living room is excellent because it adds to the overall coziness of the atmosphere.

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6. Brynn Floor Lamp

6. Brynn Floor Lamp

This one of the best floor lamp for living room is a warm, welcoming addition to any space thanks to its terracotta clay construction and its diffused shade.

It may be used with smart dimming lights and has a textured matte surface. The solitary bulb produces a warm light that is more suited for ambiance than reading, but the fixture will still make a bold statement if utilized for either purpose.


The products listed above were all the best floor lamp for living room based on our team consideration. Each product has the advantages of their own, thus, it’s just a matter of taste that you could decide which one is your preference.

Those are our recommendations for the best floor lamp for living room that we provided especially for you. We hope that this article has given you rich information relating to this topic.

FAQ about Best Floor Lamp for Living Room 

1. What kind of lamp that is best for living room?
The best color temperature range for living room lights is between 2700K and 3000K, generally known as soft white.

2. What is best wattage for floor lamp?
Most floor lights have an average power output of 250–350 watts, which may be produced by two or three light bulbs. However, it could be more difficult to forecast the wattage for LED components and fluorescent tubes. Try to determine the “lumens,” which is a measurement of light brightness, or the “equivalent” incandescent light.

3. How many lumens should a floor lamp be?
The function of the luminaire determines the level of brightness needed. We advise at least 500 lumens if you want to use it as a reading light. You may use the standard guideline of 100 lumens per square meter if your floor lamp will provide you with room lighting.

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