7 Best Table Lamp for Kitchen 2023


7 Best Table Lamp for Kitchen 2023

When decorating a kitchen, you can put displays on the countertops. A table lamp doesn’t only create a centerpiece it also adds lighting to the space. If you are interested in this idea, you have to find the best table lamp for kitchen. Besides that, a table lamp in the kitchen will give you task lighting for things like reading recipes, chopping vegetables, or cooking.

A table lamp in the kitchen not only gives you more light, but it also makes the room feel more cozy. Choose something colorful and sculptural to give your kitchen a little more personality. Or, you can find a simple design that goes with your countertops and backsplash. The table lamp will then seem to fade into the room while still giving off a nice light.

Best Table Lamp for Kitchen Lighting and Décor

Here are a few table lamps that enhance your kitchen décor and light up the space. Hopefully, you will enjoy one of the best options listed below:

Sohnne Pacifico Table Lamp

1. Sohnne Pacifico Lamps

This elegant hand-blown glass table lamp will brighten any room in which it is placed.For example, it will be a good idea to place it in your kitchen. For your information, there’s an enduring glass form on the top of its slender, industrial-style frame. So, it makes the glass shade look weightless and ethereal.

Then, its round glass and long LED bulb, as well as an onyx black metal base, give your kitchen an industrial look. Moreover, the LED bulb emits a warm light to make your kitchen ambiance cozier. In addition, the light will glow like a fire burning inside. And the translucent lamp shade creates a gorgeous visual feast. One more thing: the glass weight keeps it firmly planted on the base. Of course, it has a charming and elegant feel, making it best table lamp for kitchens or other rooms at home.

Style: Modern Contemporer | Type: Blown glass floor lamp | Dimension: 10.2 x 17.7 inch (small) and 14.6 x 29.5 inch (medium) | Color: cherry with silver and black | Material: glass, metal | Light source: small-E 14/ medium-E 27


2. MIMA Lamp

If you love a style that tends to be more modern, you will certainly like this next option. It clocks in at 4” only and the exposed bulb feels a bit industrial. However, its ceramic base warms up the shape to make it extremely flexible style-wise. In addition, with the sophisticated shades, it is also a subtle color for your kitchen. If you are interested in this best table lamp for the kitchen, you can purchase it for 175 dollars.

Dimension: 4” W x 3.5” D x 4” H | Material: Ceramic | Lamping: 25 W bulb included | Bulb life: 3000 hours

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Fluted Glass Lamp

3. Fluted Glass Lamp

This is another beautiful glow pick that you could use to warm up your kitchen. It’s only 10 inches tall. Aside from that, it looks like a vintage find thanks to its unique combination of a gold-finished base and amber glass. The price is also very reasonable, and you can get it for only $68.

Dimension: 9.5” H x 5” D | Color: Amber | Material: Hand-blown glass, stainless steel; gold finish

Mini Metal Cordless Lamp

4. Mini Metal Cordless Lamp

This next choice is pretty pricey. It costs $250, in case you were wondering. But if you want to get in on the trend of kitchen lamps but don’t have a lot of space, it is well worth the extra money. This small table lamp that glides is only available 10 inches tall. It has a battery that can be charged, so you can use it to style your lap anywhere. You can set it down on any table in the kitchen.

Dimension: 6” D x 9,75” H | Weight: approx 2 pounds | charge time: approx 2 hours | Material: brass finish with sheet metal shade that has a frosted acrylic diffuser on top

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Little Glass Table Lamp

5. Little Glass Table Lamp

This small piece of glass is also one of our suggestions. Even though this table lamp is simple, its warm light makes a big impression on your kitchen counter. If you don’t like plain white, this table lamp with a lavender shade will look great in your kitchen.

Dimension: 4.92” D x 8.27” H | Wattage: 40 W | Weight: 1.43 lbs | Cord Length: 7 ft | Color: gree, white, lavender, gold

Largo Petite Lamp

6. Largo Petite Lamp

With this beautiful lamp, you can say hello to a high-end looking texture. This table lamp will be great for those who like traditional style. For more sparkle in the kitchen, it would be a good idea to put this table lamp next to an antique-looking canvas or a ceramic bowl. You don’t have to spend a lot of money because it only costs 78 dollars.

Dimension: 4” D x 8” H | Color: grey concrete and grey fabric shade | Wattage: 25 W max/type

Mini Ceramic Globe Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you might want to consider this table lamp, which costs less than 20 dollars. Most colorways are available for less than 15 dollars. For your information, there are 8 different colors that range from lilac to lime green. You can pick a few to put in the kitchen or around the house.

Style: Traditional | Dimension: 5.5” D x 5.5” W x 8.66” H | Material: Ceramic | Light Source: Incandescent

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When it comes to the best table lamp for kitchen, make sure that it can light up the space you want. Since kitchen table lamps are available in different models, you can choose one that looks stunning or unique to enhance your kitchen décor. Hopefully, you will love our recommendations.

AQ About Best Table Lamp for Kitchen

1. Can You Put a Table Lamp in the Kitchen?
A table lamp shows the way. But it is not as bright as the lighting from above. Anyway, a table lamp is a great way to make your kitchen feel more laid-back.

2. Where Should I Put My Kitchen lamp?
One of the best places to add a lamp in the kitchen is at the end of the counter. Often, this area is further away from the source of light.

3. What Is the Best Brand of Table Lamp?
Sohnne is one of the most popular choices for the best table lamp for kitchen. Sohnne Pacifico Lamps is one of the best ones.

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