Our Story

Our Story

A Story of Excellence.

Sohnne, born in 2012 in the heart of San Francisco, redefines the essence of furniture and lifestyle. With a core belief that designer furniture is a right, not a privilege, we unite a team of expert engineers, innovative architects, and imaginative designers. Together, we craft not just furniture, but experiences, focusing on supreme quality and distinctive products. Embracing Purposeful Design and Thoughtful Living, Sohnne is where craftsmanship meets artistry in every creation. 

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Our Mission

Sohnne stands for unparalleled quality and innovative design in the world of furniture. Our ethos is grounded in integrity, dedication, and utmost comfort for our customers. Specializing in high-quality replicas of distinguished 20th-century furniture, we aim to build lasting connections with our clients. As an independently owned company, we pride ourselves on offering superior, value-driven furniture solutions. For information on becoming an authorized Sohnne dealer, please contact us at +1 (833) 900-0017 (USA), +44 745 128-1101 (UK), or email support@sohnne.com.

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Our Commitment To Quality

We meticulously select our product range from globally esteemed vendors across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Adhering to rigorous international manufacturing standards, our vendors are committed to excellence. Our products, a testament to decades of expertise blended with a forward-looking vision, are crafted in collaboration with the industry’s elite designers and top-tier factories. Sohnne stands as a beacon of exceptional quality and unbeatable value.

We Are Customer Centric

At Sohnne, we go beyond just being proud of our products. Our commitment is to not only satisfy but also to bring joy with each purchase. By utilizing our efficient direct shipping and distribution centers located in the USA (California and Delaware), Germany (Berlin), and the UK (Crawley), we are adept at providing an optimized flow of products. This approach guarantees that we do more than just meet customer expectations; we surpass them, consistently upholding our steadfast dedication to our customers.

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We Are Customer Centric

We take pride in our product and our commitment is to make sure that each customer is happy with their purchase! Sohnne offers the flexibility of mixable direct shipping and distribution centers located in California and Delaware (USA) Berlin (DE) and Crawley (UK). Our optimized product flow management is essential to satisfy customer demand, order fulfillment, and our promise to customers.

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Care & Assembly

Care and Maintenance. Your Sohnne product will give you years of superior performance and satisfaction with proper care. Most items from Sohnne can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. For more difficult stains, use a mild detergent and soft brush. All products come with the care & maintenance manual.


Assembly. Some of our products may require minimal assembly. Search for your product’s assembly instructions on our product page. All products come with assembly instructions. Feel free to reach our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. We are available 24/7 through Live Chat, Email, or Phone support should you have questions or need assistance.

What they say about Us


Sohnne is not associated or affiliate Herman Miller, Charles/Ray Eames, Knoll, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Eero Aarino, Saarinen or other companies. Our Product are not manufatured by those companies and we make no claims to provide items from the designer and licensing companies.