6 Best Floor Lamp for Home Office to Boost Your Productivity (2023 Review)

best floor lamp for home office


best floor lamp for home office

Did you have difficulty in seeing what’s on your room and decided to search on the internet to find the best floor lamp for home office? If a nod is your answer, then chances are you are landing on the right site.

A great floor lamp could provide you with brilliant lighting, which will help you to get a better sighting and elevate your productivity. Before we jump on the recommendation, It’s better for you to acknowledge the factors that you should note on choosing the right one.

1. Height
Consider its height because you should ensure that the lamp provides sufficient light for the space that you want to illuminate.

2. Bulb type
The bulb selections for floor lights range from conventional incandescent bulbs to LED and CFL bulbs. When selecting a bulb type, bear your requirements and desires in mind.

3. Style
There are many floor lamp styles, from classic to contemporary, that you can choose according to your taste.

4. Price
There are many floor lamps available in the market, ranging from affordable to high-end ones. Thus, suiting your choice to your budget would be beneficial for you. After knowing the things to keep in mind before deciding in choosing the best one, now we are going to present you with the list of the best floor lamp for home office to boost your productivity. Let’s go!

Meet the 6 Best Floor Lamp for Home Office

Calisto Floor Lamp

Calisto Floor Lamp

A home office requires lighting that is both brilliant and stylish to support its interior. With a black finish that adds a bit of glitz, this floor lamp is a wonderful complement to your home’s interior design.

This modern light is suitable for many kinds of areas, especially offices. Enjoy a modern style that has an industrial touch thanks to the metal construction, flat black surface, and curved lamp shade and stand.

This lamp is a fantastic indirect light source for studying and reading which can be used with a matching table lamp. With those advantages, this floor lamp by Sohnne deserves to be ranked on the first place on our best floor lamp for home office list.

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Ermadine Table and Floor Lamp Set

Ermadine Table and Floor Lamp Set

With shelves for storage, this floor lamp functions as both an end table and a floor lamp. This floor lamp is constructed from robust MDF and top-notch iron tubing. The rustic brown side table gives you a solid foundation and a sizable amount of storage.

The USB port and socket ports are ideal for resolving issues with device and appliance charging. For your electrical safety, this floor light also has UL certification. You will adore this floor light and it may give your house more character. That is why we placed this lamp in the second of our recommendations of the best floor lamp for home office.

O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

 O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

The next product worthy of third place in this best floor lamp for home office is a lamp by O’Bright.

A smart dimmer switch with full range dimming and memory setting capabilities is included in the LED reading light. To alter the brightness, just hold down the switch button for a long time; when the light changes to the desired brightness, release the button.

For reading or mood lighting, you may dimmer the light to a gentle setting. If you require a stronger light for sewing or craft projects, you may easily switch to the high-level option. Your setting will always be recorded by the dimmer.

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Coucrek Industrial Floor Lamp

Coucrek Industrial Floor Lamp

The pole and lamp shade of this floor lamp, which mixes contemporary and classic design, are both manufactured of metal before being softly weathered.

This task lamp has a height between 52” and 62.32” to support various spaces. In addition to being more energy-efficient, this standing light has three different color temperatures, ranging from 3000K to 5000K. 3000K light is nice for family nights, 4000K is good for daily living, and 5000K is ideal for reading or working.

You won’t need to change the bulb for 22 years because it has a 25,000-hour lifetime. Looking at the advantages, it is safe to include this Coucrek Industrial Floor Lamp in our list of the best floor lamp for home office.

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

Our fifth rank of the best floor lamp for home office is a floor lamp from Dimunt. With its arcuated lights design and 112 high-brightness LEDs, the Dimunt floor lamp can provide up to 1000 Lumen, which is sufficient for reading in a living room or home office.

With a lifetime of 50000 hours, a 15 watt LED tall light may replace halogen bulbs using 100 watts. This is much more convenient and energy-efficient. By selecting Lightness from 10% to 100% brightness and step-less color temperature settings ranging from 3000K to 6000K, you can personalize your experience with this standing light. It also comes in 5 customizable models with remote control.

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Versanora Arquer LED Arc Floor Lamp

Versanora Arquer LED Arc Floor Lamp

One of your home’s most straightforward fixtures gets a chic, sophisticated makeover with the Arquer floor lamp by Versanora. The curved lampstand’s beautiful arc, which is made of black-brushed iron, is reminiscent of postmodern designs from the 1960s and 1970s. The bell-shaped lampshade hangs from the curving stand’s end and seems to defy gravity.

The matte, black-brushed metal surface on the lampshade makes this stylish lighting fixture blend in with practically any interior decor. But this item’s simple utility is where its genuine beauty may be discovered.

The Arquer floor lamp’s distinctive, curved form allows it to reach over the edge of your furniture to provide direct, downward light on a book or other surface. That is why this piece is worthy to be included in our best floor lamp for home office.


Choosing the bets floor lamp for home office is actually not that difficult and we have narrowed it down into seven best of them that are currently available in the market. More than that, you can choose the best one based on your style preference since they all have the similar qualities.

So, those are our recommendations of the best floor lamp for home office that we provided just for you. We hope this article could be beneficial for all of you who are looking for this reference to add light to your home office. For another great article related to home design, tips and tricks on choosing the best product, and any ideas about decorating your home, you can visit our page here. See you in another great article!

FAQ about Best Floor Lamp for Home Office 

1. What is the best wattage for floor lamp?

The majority of floor lamps have an equivalent power range of between 250 and 350 watts, and their illumination may come from anywhere between two and three light bulbs.

However, it may be more difficult to estimate the wattage when working with fluorescent tubes and LED components. You should make an effort to determine what the “equivalent” incandescent light is, also known as the “lumens,” which is a unit used to quantity how bright the light is. 

2. How tall should your floor lamp be?

When it comes to the height of floor lamps, they should be between 58 and 64 inches. It is important that the bottom of the lamp shade is not lower than the eye level of a person while they are sitting. It might be below, at, or slightly above eye level. 

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