6 Best Floor Lamp for Crafting Any Great Stuff You Love (2023 Review)

Calisto Floor Lamp by Sohnne have a touch of contemporary style.


best floor lamp for crafting

If you are a person who loves to make crafts, you should need the best floor lamp for crafting because the lighting will help you get a better sighting and you won’t have to worry about getting eyestrain due to poor lighting.

With the numerous products available in the market today, you must be confused about choosing one. Therefore, we serve you this list of recommendations. We did a lot of research on various types, brands, and advantages to give you the best advice.

Meet the 6 Best Floor Lamp for Crafting

Calisto Floor Lamp

Calisto Floor Lamp

Opening our list of the best floor lamp for crafting, we present you the Great Calisto Floor Lamp from Sohnne. The adjustable neck of the lamp allows you to change the angle according to your requirement in supporting your work.

The lightweight feature eases you to move it to the places you want it to be highlighted. Yet, the high-quality materials used to build this light make it sturdy and compact.

Besides its functionality, this Calisto Floor Lamp also offers you a simple yet exquisite design that will elevate your space. The thin steel bars are soldered, cleaned, finished, put together, and given a black finish by hand so that they look like they fit together perfectly. Its simple, modern, and on-trend style make it a great choice for lighting any room indoors.

Daylight Company Floor Lamp

Daylight Company Floor Lamp

The tall stand makes sure it can reach over even the biggest table or sit behind and over an easel. You can move and turn on each light head on its own, and you can make one brighter than the other.

After a little practice, you’ll see that this is a great way to move shadows around. It looks great, is the right size, and can be turned up to a very impressive 6000K to make it look like real daylight. Note that you can get the same Duo light as a clamp lamp or a table lamp if you think the floor lamp is too big. This floor lamp successfully marries form and function with its modern sheen and clean, uncluttered design.

With those advantages, it is safe to place this floor lamp in our list of the best floor lamp for crafting.

Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp

Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp

The Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp is our third-best floor lamp for crafting. This modern lamp looks good in any room and is great for the office, the living room, and hobbies.

The lamp is 63 inches (160 cm) tall, has a swivel neck, and is light enough to carry around. A stable base keeps the lamp from falling over, and a 69-inch (175-cm) cable lets you put it wherever you want.

This floor lamp emits full-spectrum light at a color temperature of 6400K, creating an environment similar to that of midday sunlight. As regular electric lights, it accurately portrays colors and reduces eye strain.

OttLite Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp

OttLite Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp

This multipurpose lamp has a 4X spot viewer that is lighted with LED lights and a 2X optical-grade magnification. This is fantastic for tasks, crafts, sewing, music reading, and other activities that call for optimum illumination.

A 24-watt Type C bulb that can be easily changed and has a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours is included with this contemporary light. It provides any room with excellent brightness while reducing glare and eyestrain, making it ideal for the office or design studio.

Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

The fifth-best floor lamp for crafting in our list is placed by Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp. The built-in high-brightness and high-contrast LEDs in this simple-style LED standing lamp display superb color contrast for close work and have a lifespan of 20,000 hours or more.

This 12W LED bulb has an extremely high lumen output (850-950) and may reduce your power expenditure by as much as 80% when compared to using incandescent bulbs. The flexible and robust neck enables you to simply spin and bend the standing light into different angles, twist it, and set it appropriately on your item.



From the lamp head to the swing arm, this stand lamp can be changed in many ways. The lamp head can be turned 180 degrees, and the swing arm can be turned 360 degrees, so you can direct the light where you need it.

The swing arm can be moved up to 59 inches, so you can select the right height for the lamp based on your needs. The light range is wider than that of other lamps, so every corner is perfectly lit. The LED touch floor lamp has a brightness range of 5% to 100%, 5 color temperatures, and full-color temperature adjustment (2700K-6500K). The sturdy light can be changed to fit different situations and meet different needs.


Finding the best floor lamp for crafting is important for professionals or hobbyists for helping them get the job done. And thus, considering the crucial features such as the height of the lamp, the lumens provided and the watts used are the key points before purchasing the one for your need.

So, those are our recommendations on the best floor lamp for crafting that could help you in finishing your work. We hope that this article has given you the insights you have been looking for.

If you are interested in home design, and interior decor or you want to get the best product recommendations, you can visit our website at sohnne.com where you can find lots of them. See you there!

FAQ about Best Floor Lamp for Crafting

1. How many lumens do I need for task lighting?

In general, the range of 1,000 to 1,400 lumens is the one that is recommended for task lighting applications. A standard measurement is equal to fifty lumens averaged across one square foot. The word “efficacy” may also be used in relation to lighting. A lamp’s efficiency may be defined as the ratio of the amount of light it emits to the amount of electricity it consumes, and this ratio is measured in lumens per watt. 

2. How many watts should a floor lamp be?

Most floor lamps use between 250 and 350 watts of power, which can be come from two or three light bulbs. 

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