Choose Wisely! 5 Best Office Chair for Short Person


Are you looking for the best office chair for short person? Office chairs not only support workers in doing their duties but also significantly affect workers’ productivity and quality of work. This is because employees have a lot of time at work to complete their tasks.

Therefore, having a chair at the workplace is crucial. Even while having a comfortable, reliable office chair is crucial, it won’t matter if you choose one that isn’t the right height. You must be careful when selecting an office chair if you are short.

Choosing a chair with a height-adjustment mechanism is one suggestion for selecting the best office chair for a short person. The greatest office chairs come in a wide variety of brands. We have chosen the top 5 best office chairs for short people, which will be discussed below, to make it simple for you to pick one of the many top chair types.

Time-Life Eames Chair Replica by Sohnne

best office chair for short person - Time-Life Eames Chair Replica by Sohnne

Time-Life Eames Chair Replica by Sohnne is the best office chair for a short person. This black executive chair has a modern classic design and is constructed with a black finish. The seats are 100% leather and have closed buttons with polyurethane foam cushions. The frame is made of aluminum.

It has armrests 13 inches long, seat cushions, and a back that is shaped to fit the body. This seat has a weight capacity of 330 lbs (149.7 kg). This office chair swivel 360°, so it can handle whatever position you want. The five-star base with swivel and casters won’t chirp when you move or turn it.

This chair also has a tilting feature that can be changed up to 120° and a lifting feature that can be adjusted. The backrest is strong and soft, which makes it easier to sit for a long time. You can work or relax on it. Sohnne sells this item with a 1-year warranty.

Style: 20th Mid-century modern design | Dimension: 57 D x 33 W x 19 H inch | Frame Material: Aluminum alloy | Upholstery Material: Genuine leather

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Harkness Faux Leather Executive Chair

2. Harkness Faux Leather Executive Chair

The Harkness Faux Leather Executive Chair by Corrigan Studio® is the second suggestion for the best office chair for a short person. This mid-century modern gas lift swivel executive chair is designed to provide a sophisticated touch to your workspace. This office chair has four color choices: camel, brownish gray, coffee, and cream.

The back of this office chair is made of plywood, polyurethane, and foam, while 25% of the frame is steel. Leatherette and foam are used to create the back upholstery. The chair possesses antibacterial qualities, according to its creators. The headrests and armrests are extra-padded to protect your arms. 

The seat height, tilt, lumbar support, backrest, seat angle, and rotation of this office chair are all adjustable (swivel). You may also remove the wheels. The multipurpose mechanism allows for complete adjustment. The maximum weight that this office chair can hold is 136 kg or 300 lbs. This office chair’s pricing is fair, considering all of its features.

Dimension: 28.15” W x 27.36” D x 43.7” H | Frame Material: Steel | Seat Material: Upholstered | Color: Camel, Brownish Gray, Coffee, and Cream

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Height Adjustable Task Chair

3. Height Adjustable Task Chair

The next best office chair for a short person is the Latitude Run® Height-Adjustable Task Chair. As soon as you enter your workplace, you’ll fall in love with the High back task chair’s stunning fabric and straightforward, appealing design. The chair’s back and seat are polyester, while steel makes up the chair’s structure. 

This best office chair for short people is gray and silver weighs 28 pounds, and can support 275 pounds (125 kg). A pneumatic gas lift seat mechanism changes the seat’s height. You may change the tension and swivel in the chair to get the ideal position. An adjustable backrest and cushioned armrests are further features. Unfortunately, this item is not covered by a warranty.

Dimension: 26” W x 26” D x 44.5” H | Frame Material: Steel | Seat Material: Upholstered | Frame Color: Silver | Back Color and Seat Color: Gray

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Adjustable Office Chair

4. Adjustable Office Chair

The seat is adjustable, and you can easily adjust the height of this mid-century modern chair to the most comfortable position with just one touch of the lever, so you won’t get tired even if you sit at the office chair for a long time. Office chairs with five wheels can be swiveled in any direction. The back of the chair also has lumbar support.

The 18.5-inch wide seat can accommodate up to 250 pounds, or 113 kg, in weight. The upholstery is made of faux leather, waterproof, and easy to clean. The frame material for this office chair is Manufactured Wood, while the back construction is made of metal. There are no armrests, and the chair can’t be tilted or adjusted in any other way.

Dimension: 17.72” W x 20.47” D x 35.43” H | Frame Material: Manufactured Wood | Seat Material: Upholstered | Frame Color: Black | Back Color and Seat Color: Black

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Adjustable Height Office Chair Black And Silver

5. Adjustable Height Office Chair Black And Silver

This is the fifth recommendation about the best office chair for a short person. Because of its ergonomic design, this black and silver chair will improve the quality of any sitting posture. You can change the height of this chair from 14 inches to 18.25 inches, and it only weighs 39 pounds. So, a short person can use this office chair.

The chair is made of foam-filled imitation leather and aluminum, both strong materials. This chair’s padded arms and rolling casters make it ideal for mobility and comfort. The chair can’t tilt, which is a shame. The maximum weight capacity of this office chair is 350 lbs. (158 kg).

Dimension: 30.5” W x 27.75” D x 47” H | Frame Material: Aluminum | Seat Material: Upholstered | Frame Color: Black | Back Color and Seat Color: Black


Many factors, including an office chair’s appearance, size, material composition, and other aspects, affect how comfortable it is to sit in. Having read our recommendations, were you able to decide? Height-adjustable office chairs are ideal for those who are short. I hope you found this essay useful. Don’t forget to check out our official website,, for more interesting details on furniture, interior design, home decor, and even suggestions for the top goods.

FAQ About About Best Office Chairs for Short Person

1. What are some types of office chairs?
There are four types of office chairs—first, with swiveling wheels. Second, is an ergonomic chair specifically created to fulfill users’ sitting needs. The third option is a work chair with a reclining function that may be utilized for work and lying down or resting between tasks. The fourth option is a huge and luxurious executive chair.

2. What types of materials are available for office chairs?
There are many work chairs with various types of materials. Some materials often used are knitted fabrics, vinyl, synthetic leather, and mesh.

3. How to maintain a work chair?
First, clean your office chair every week or every month. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. But you should know what material the chair is made of because the way to clean it will depend on that. Second, use the office chair in the right way. Third, sometimes you must dry an office chair in the sun to get the foam back to normal after it has started to deform. Fourth, don’t let your office chair get wet. Fifth, don’t put your feet on the office chair.

4. How do short people choose the best office chairs for a short person?
To find the best office chair for a short person you need to look at things like the quality of the material, the backrest, the height of the chair, any extra features, and the brand. Avoid using office chairs made of wood since they are not appropriate for workers who must sit for long periods every day.

A suitable office chair is around 3 cm away from your right and left sides. Also, the end of the seat cushion should be about 3 cm from the knee crease of your foot. If the end of the cushion is too close or too far from the knee crease, it can make it hard to move your knees. You could also choose a chair with a height-adjustment feature.

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