Replica Furniture Shopping in 2024: Why You Should Do It!

Dive into Sohnne's Replica Furniture Shopping Guide to discover how luxury and affordability meet. Elevate your space with elegance that everyone can afford.
replica furniture shopping


Luxury furniture used to cost a lot of money, but those days are over. The demand for a lavish lifestyle has been something that is yearned for by a lot of people. Yet for most, it’s quite unattainable. However, time’s changed. This time, we can confidently say that Sohnne can help you make your design dreams come true without punching a humongous hole in your wallet. 

To answer the matter of “why or how?”, you’re simply required to read this guide from beginning ‘till the end in order to understand the whole replica furniture scene. We’ll have a lot to unpack in this replica furniture shopping guide so let’s just get started, shan’t we?

Replica vs The Real One: Similar Quality, Differ in Price

replica furniture shopping

Forget the misconception that replica furniture means sacrificing quality. At Sohnne, we go beyond mere imitation to create exceptional pieces that stand on their own merit. Here’s why Sohnne replicas are a fantastic alternative to designer originals, without compromising on the luxurious experience:

Built to Last: Premium Materials and Expert Craftsmanship

A peek at reveals a commitment to using only the finest materials. From the rich, full-grain leather of our Barcelona Chair replicas to the plush, high-density foam cushioning used in our Eames Lounge Chair replicas, every detail reflects an unwavering focus on quality.  We don’t settle for cheap imitations – our materials are chosen to replicate the look, feel, and durability of the originals.

Precision Engineering for Unwavering Quality

Sohnne doesn’t just use premium materials; we also meticulously engineer each piece.  This dedication to precision is evident throughout our collection.  For example, our replica Noguchi coffee tables feature the same beautiful, seamless welds as the originals, ensuring a stunning and structurally sound piece  – all without the hefty price tag.

Attention to Detail: Capturing the Essence of Design

Sohnne understands that true luxury lies in the details.  That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our replicas capture the essence of the iconic designs they represent.  Take a look at our Swan Chair replicas – the gentle curves, the invitingly plush seat, and the polished chrome base are all meticulously recreated to deliver an experience that’s faithful to the original vision.

The Sohnne Difference: Quality You Can Trust, Affordability You’ll Love

At Sohnne, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the joy of luxurious furniture.  Our replica furniture offers the perfect blend of exceptional quality, timeless design, and affordability.  So why settle for less?  With Sohnne, you can bring the iconic designs you’ve always admired into your home, without breaking the bank.

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Replica Furniture Shopping: It’s in High Demand

replica furniture shopping

Recent trends showcase a surge in replica furniture sales, with more and more design enthusiasts opting for smart, budget-friendly alternatives to their coveted pieces. The furniture market is expected to grow from USD 541.52 billion in 2023 to USD 780.43 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.36% during the forecast period​ as stated in Fortune Business Insights

A research from Grand View Research shows that this growth is driven by various factors, including the increasing demand for multifunctional and versatile products that provide portability and can easily be accommodated in small spaces, which is particularly relevant to the replica furniture market that often targets cost-conscious and space-constrained consumers​.

The popularity of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, also known as flat-pack furniture, is on the rise, driven by its lower costs and compact designs. This trend is facilitated by e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, and Home Depot, which offer a wide range of furniture products, including replicas from key brands.

The rising consumer expenditure on furniture products, reflecting healthy market growth and a shift towards stylish and high-quality furniture due to improved lifestyles, also supports the assumption that replicas, offering a balance of style and affordability, are becoming more popular​, as written on Mordor Intell.

With an annual growth rate that outpaces traditional furniture sales, replicas have become a beloved choice for those looking to infuse their homes with elegance without breaking the bank.

What Dave Bowden Got to Say About Us

image 70 | Sohnne®

Dave Bowden, the acclaimed creative force behind Irreverent Gent, has repeatedly praised Sohnne’s furniture collection, emphasizing its groundbreaking approach to home decor. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for high-quality design, Bowden spotlights Sohnne’s exceptional craftsmanship and genuine designs as pivotal in redefining the accessibility of luxury furniture.

Through his expert lens, he has articulated, “What really makes Sohnne’s the best option is the materials it uses, which surpass almost every other fake Eames lounge chair on the market.” as one of his great commentaries on the Sohnne’s Eames Lounge Chair.

This endorsement underscores the significant impact of Sohnne’s offerings in transforming living spaces into embodiments of elegance and warmth, making luxury an attainable reality for enthusiasts of fine furniture.

Bowden’s repeated recommendations on his blog serve as a powerful affirmation of Sohnne’s status in the realm of premium home decor. We encourage you to view the marvel of his works as it provides wonderful insights for one’s lifestyle.

Going Beyond The Borders

image 71 edited | Sohnne®

Sohnne’s promise of complementary worldwide shipping stands as a cornerstone of their commitment to democratize luxury for everyone, everywhere. This ambitious pledge means that no matter where you are on the globe—from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of New Zealand—Sohnne ensures that its meticulously crafted pieces are within your reach, bridging the gap between world-class design and enthusiasts across continents.

Erasing Borders: Sohnne streamlines the shopping experience, allowing you to focus on the joy of finding the perfect furniture for your space. By removing the often-prohibitive cost barrier associated with transporting luxury items across borders, Sohnne’s exquisite designs are accessible to a broader audience.

Say goodbye to Shipping Fee: Don’t let excessive shipping cost deter you from living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Sohnne offers free shipping in most areas in the US, and several in the EU. For more information, please refer to our website and/or refer to our Customer Service.

Convenience at Your Doorstep: Sohnne’s commitment extends beyond product selection. We ensure your treasures arrive safely and securely with our secure shipping practices. Rest assured, knowing Sohnne handles every step of the delivery process, from our warehouse to your home.

Peace of Mind Throughout the Journey: Sohnne is fully dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. It’s one less thing to worry about as you invest in these timeless pieces for your home.

Imagine the Possibilities: With free shipping, decorating your dream home with Sohnne’s exquisite furniture becomes a more realistic possibility. Whether you’re yearning for a statement sofa or a handcrafted dining table, Sohnne brings the world of luxury design to your fingertips.

Exemplary After-Sales Service

image 73 | Sohnne®

At Sohnne, we believe the customer journey shouldn’t end with a purchase. That’s why we offer exemplary after-sales service, ensuring your experience is as exceptional as our furniture. Our dedicated team of Customer Relations Managers are here to support you every step of the way, fostering a long-lasting relationship built on trust and satisfaction.

Seamless Assembly

Unveiling a new piece of furniture can be exciting, but the assembly process can sometimes be daunting. Sohnne understands this. Our after-sales service can include clear assembly instructions, readily available online or provided with your purchase. Additionally, we can also offer the option of white-glove delivery to further ease the process.

Expert Care Tips

Sohnne furniture is crafted for longevity. To ensure your treasures maintain their pristine look for years to come, our Customer Relations Managers can provide you with expert care tips. This might include recommendations on cleaning products, proper maintenance routines specific to the material and  finishes of your furniture, and guidance on how to address minor wear and tear.

Long-Term Support

Our commitment goes beyond the initial purchase. Should you have any questions or concerns after your furniture has been delivered and assembled, our Customer Relations Managers are just a phone call or email away. We’ll help troubleshoot the issues you encounter,  provide guidance on spare parts or potential repairs,  and ensure a smooth resolution.

Investing in Your Satisfaction

Sohnne’s after-sales service reflects our commitment to your satisfaction. We view it as an investment that fosters long-term customer relationships. By providing exceptional after-sales care, we ensure you can truly enjoy your furniture for years to come, with the peace of mind that Sohnne is always here to support you.

Our Best-Selling Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman – A Favorite Nationwide

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica (Premier Tall Version)


Now you can own a piece of history with this Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica (Premier Tall Version). Contemporary design was designed by Charles and…

Delight in the unparalleled comfort and timeless elegance of our best-selling Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Revered by design enthusiasts across the country, this masterpiece has found its way into homes far and wide, earning acclaim for its exceptional blend of style and comfort. Here’s why our customers can’t get enough of this iconic duo:

  • Premium Materials: Crafted with the highest quality leather and premium walnut veneer, offering enduring beauty and durability.
  • Adjustable Features: With its swivel capabilities and adjustable recline, find your perfect angle for unmatched relaxation.
  • Iconic Style: A statement of sophistication, its classic mid-century modern design enhances any decor, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Maintenance Ease: Comes with simple care instructions to ensure your chair remains a centerpiece for years to come.
  • Thoughtful Dimensions:
    • Chair: 37.5 D x 31.5 W x 32.6 H inches
    • Ottoman: 21.5 D x 25.8 W x 17 H inches
    • Overall Product Dimension: 57 D x 33 W x 31.5 H inches
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with your well-being in mind, the chair and ottoman feature polyurethane foam cushions for supreme comfort. The button-tufted pattern adds a touch of classic elegance, while the strategic arm height supports a natural and relaxed posture.
  • Versatile Style: Echoing the timeless appeal of 20th-century mid-century modern design, this set seamlessly blends with any décor, enhancing your space with its iconic style and sophistication.
  • User-Friendly Details: Equipped with Velcro for easy maintenance, the design prioritizes convenience without compromising on aesthetics. The recommended height range for optimal comfort is between 5’2″ and 5’10”, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of users.

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From the Comfort of Your Home to Ours

In essence, Sohnne shatters the misconception that luxury furniture is an unattainable dream. We believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of exquisite design in their homes. Our replica furniture offers the perfect blend of premium materials, timeless aesthetics, and exceptional affordability.

So, why settle for anything less?  Embrace the Sohnne way of life.  Browse our Replica Furniture Shopping Guide to discover a world of iconic pieces waiting to transform your space. Let Sohnne guide you on your journey to a more beautiful, comfortable, and undeniably luxurious home. After all, luxury is a choice, and Sohnne makes it accessible.

Betty from New York

A friend of mind recommended me here. I was looking for the Eames Lounge Chair along with its Ottoman. I’m so glad because Sohnne has it up on their website and let me tell you, this work of art has completely revamped my living room. With pictures and descriptions that didn’t leave anything to the imagination, placing an order was a snap. In a city where delivery fees can be steep, Sohnne’s promise of free shipping was a pleasant surprise.

Ordered in on the 5th of January and the chair was delivered promptly. Just to make it even simpler, I used the white-glove assembly service which was absolutely delightful. They were punctual, careful with my belongings, and expert in assembling the chair to my specifications. I could feel the high-quality leather as it slid across my fingers, and the sleek form of the chair immediately became the showpiece of my studio apartment. 

I felt like the chair had been custom-made for me the moment I sat down in it for the first time. As evidence of their dedication to providing exceptional service, Sohnne’s customer care team followed up to make sure I was satisfied. Not only is this piece of furniture practical, but it also enhances my daily life with its artistic value. So if you’re still looking, look no further. Sohnne has it ready for you.

Oliver from London

I’m so glad that I found this perfect piece of furniture for my home without having to empty my bank account. Currently writing whilst sitting on the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Sohnne. The online ordering process was straightforward, with an intuitive interface that made it easy to choose and customize my order. Shipping to the UK was quicker than I anticipated, with the chair arriving well-packaged and in pristine condition.

Assembly was a DIY task for me, which I initially dreaded. However, the instructions provided were so clear and easy to follow that it became an enjoyable afternoon project. The chair and ottoman fit beautifully into my reading nook, providing comfort and style that I hadn’t found in other furniture pieces.

What impressed me the most was the quality of the materials. The leather was soft yet durable, and the plywood frame’s craftsmanship was impeccable. It’s been months, but every time I sink into the chair, it feels like a luxurious retreat. Sohnne has truly mastered the art of blending design with comfort, making this chair a cherished addition to my home.

Lukas from Berlin 

Not a professional interior designer but I do have a certain knack for visually pleasant spaces. Something that I wish to transform my home to. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Premier Tall from Sohnne captured my attention with its sleek lines and promise of comfort. And so I ordered it. I was prepared for a lengthy shipping process, but Sohnne exceeded my expectations with their surprisingly efficient delivery?

When it arrived, I assembled the chair and ottoman myself. The process was simple, thanks to the well-organized instructions and quality of the components. Once assembled, the chair became an instant classic in my living room, its modernist design complementing my home’s aesthetic.

The chair is extremely comfortable, it’s a perfect escape at the end of a long day. The attention to detail in the design, from the softness of the leather to the stability of the base, speaks volumes about Sohnne’s commitment to quality. Their customer service team was always available for any inquiries, and that made my shopping experience exceptional.

Ethan from Canada

When the snow’s piled high outside, there’s nothing better than curling up in a cozy, stylish haven. And that haven, for me, is Sohnne’s Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

Sohnne’s website made the whole buying process a breeze. The purchase process was transparent and user-friendly, offering all the information needed to make an informed decision from the comfort of my home (bonus points for keeping me out of the cold!). 

Delivery to Canada was surprisingly quick, swift and hassle-free. The package arrived in impeccable condition. Opting for the white-glove assembly service, I was treated to a stress-free setup by professionals who handled the chair with the utmost care and expertise.

This chair is a great experience. The comfy curves, that buttery-soft leather, the beautiful finish…every moment in it feels luxurious. Sohnne’s dedication to quality and customer service is top-notch. They made this whole exchange amazing, and honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my home. Now, excuse me while I go hibernate in my new favorite spot!

Conclusion: The Sohnne Way to a Luxurious Home

With Sohnne, luxurious living is not just a privilege but a choice available to everyone. Our Replica Furniture Shopping Guide is your first step towards redefining your space with pieces that offer the perfect balance of sophistication, comfort, and affordability. Join us in the movement of accessible luxury, and let’s make the beauty of design a part of every home.

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What makes Sohnne’s replica furniture a worthy choice for luxury design enthusiasts?

Sohnne distinguishes itself by using premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create replica furniture that closely mirrors the quality and design of original luxury pieces. This commitment ensures each piece offers a luxurious experience without the hefty price tag, making high-end design accessible to a wider audience.

Can I expect Sohnne’s furniture to last and maintain its appearance over time?

Yes, Sohnne’s furniture is designed with longevity in mind, utilizing durable materials like full-grain leather and high-density foam cushioning. Additionally, the company provides expert care tips and after-sales service to help you maintain your furniture in pristine condition, ensuring it remains a centerpiece in your home for years to come.

How does Sohnne support customers after a purchase?

Sohnne offers exemplary after-sales service, including clear assembly instructions, expert care tips for maintaining the beauty and durability of your furniture, and responsive customer service for any post-purchase inquiries or concerns. This comprehensive support underscores Sohnne’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the lasting quality of their furniture.

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