6 Best Floor Lamp for Nursery to Make Your Little One Sleep Soundly (2023 Review)

best floor lamp for nursery


Decorating your baby’s room would be done perfectly if you consider choosing the best floor lamp for nursery. And how to choose the right one? You could list these down on your notes so that you can make sure that you are on the right track.

1. Refrain from a glaring lighting
Refrain from choosing glaring lighting and choose the warm and soft light instead. There are other benefits to keeping things cozy in addition to the way a soft light makes any space seem warm and welcoming. A baby’s developing eyes require rest, and soft lighting prevents overstimulation by lowering the contrast between light and dark.

2. Prefer the one that has a dimmer
A dimmer switch, used frequently as part of a bedtime ritual, can aid in your baby’s relaxation and sleep. Your little dreamer’s body senses when it’s time to sleep thanks to the peaceful ambiance that low illumination creates.

3. Choose the lamp that complements the interior style
Besides giving the illumination you need, the best floor lamp for nursery that you choose should also add aesthetics and complement the interior style, because why would you pick the one for the wrong place?

After knowing the things to keep in mind before choosing the right floor lamp for your lovely nursery room, in the next section we will provide you with the seven best floor lamp for nursery that is worthy of your bucks. Scroll down to find out!

Meet the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Nursery

HaloLux™ Ultra Light

HaloLux™ Ultra Light

Our first recommendation for the best floor lamp for nursery comes from Sohnne.

This HaloLux™ Ultra Light has an aesthetic halo lamp, which will illuminate your baby’s room and change the mood. You could simply position the lamp anywhere you wanted it to go using the headlamp’s 360° rotation. HaloLux™ has a dimmer feature as well, allowing you to change the brightness to suit your needs.

The design is tidy, portable, and simple to maintain. You may change the light’s brightness to suit your needs. You can easily change the brightness while breastfeeding your baby or setting for them to rest using a little dimmer switch.



The second piece that deserves to be placed in our best floor lamp for nursery comes from ROSEN GARDEN. With three layers of artificial marble shelves that are ideal for plants, photographs, or simply acting as a convenient location to set down your smartphone and drink, this floor lamp serves as a side table. It has a dimmable rotary switch that allows you to easily change the color calibration and brightness to get the ideal warm glow. Just keep in mind that no bulb is included.

LEONC Design Creative LED Floor Lamp

LEONC Design Creative LED Floor Lamp

The next piece of this best floor lamp for nursery list comes from LEONC Design. The Floor Lamp has a timeless design that looks well in any environment, whether it has a modern or traditional aesthetic. It is simple to set up in any part of the house because of its stylish yet basic design.

With the warm tone of the lit, textured lamp shade of the LEONC lamp, the real metal frame’s perfect twisting tower modern design may make the space appear larger. You’ll feel toasty and warm in any environment thanks to this lamp’s overall appearance and feel.

You won’t need to worry about changing the bulb for a very long time because of the 7-watt, energy-efficient LED light’s durability. There are three different light settings, and you may dim it with the foot switch. Additionally, it is lightweight, making movement a breeze.

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

 LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

The LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp is an excellent value since it has the fit and finish of floor lamps costing twice as much and it can easily illuminate a sizable area. Although it requires additional floor space because of the outward-angled legs, the lovely wood appearance they provide will complement a variety of decor types.

 The lamp’s 18-inch faux-linen shade does a good job of imitating real linen and diffuses the light into a cozy glow that is typical of a welcoming living room or a restful bedroom. With those advantages, it is safe to include this lighting in our best floor lamp for the nursery.

Eideard Modern Arc Floor Lamp

Eideard Modern Arc Floor Lamp

This elegant arched floor lamp deserves to be placed in the fifth place on our best floor lamp for nursery list. It has a classic contemporary design with rounded edges. This retro arc lamp is the perfect complement to your house thanks to its brushed steel texture base and rope linen shade. This standing lamp may be securely put next to your couch, armchair, or workstation for lighting while also saving room because it is made of a solid metal pole and base.

EDISHINE Modern Arched Floor Lamp

EDISHINE Modern Arched Floor Lamp

This exquisite floor lamp, which has a simple design, gives every place in the house a dash of individuality. This arching floor lamp has a timeless form that gives numerous interior design motifs—urban, mid-century contemporary, minimalist, vintage traditional—an upscale vibe.

This chic floor lamp with a well-made beige linen lampshade casts warm, inviting light that makes the area next to your breastfeeding chair seem snug. A lampshade with a 180° vertical adjustment allows you to direct the light in any direction you like.


It’s important to choose the right floor lamp that is perfect for your children’s room since it will influence their sleeping quality and also their growth. If we could say, it’s better to choose functionality rather than aesthetics. It’s a bonus if you could get both.

So, those are our recommendations on the best floor lamp for a nursery that you might consider if you purchase one. We hope you have gained the information you have been looking for about this topic. To get more exciting and educational articles about home decor trends, home improvement tips, and product recommendations, you can check out our page here. See you on other great articles of ours!

FAQ about Best Floor Lamp for Nursery

1. What kind of lamp is best for a nursery?

The optimum lighting for kids’ bedrooms and living areas is soft white/warm white between 2700k and 3000k, which gives these spaces a classic, homey atmosphere. Because this is a bedroom and you don’t want to disturb your kid while they’re sleeping, use warm lights, such as those with a 2700K color temperature, to provide them with a comfortable and quiet environment.

2. What color light is best for newborns?

Sleep therapists suggest red night lights because they help people sleep better. This is because red light doesn’t give off any blue wavelengths, which can stop your body from making melatonin. Amber lights are also good for a baby’s room because they won’t bother them from sleeping.

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