6 Best Couches for Small Apartments with Limited Space in 2023

Sohnne Milton Sofa Ottoman


best couches for small apartments

If your apartment lacks space, you can still have a couch you can use to relax. However, you have to be careful when choosing the couch. That’s why we will share the best couches for small apartments in this article.

With a small space, you should choose a couch that is space-saving. A couch with a portable design will also be better. As a result, you must pay close attention to the size.Don’t worry, we will give you recommendations and buying guides.

What Are the Best Couches for Small Apartments?

If you have no idea which couch you are going to buy, you can consider one of the following best options:

Sohnne Toga Sofa Replica with Stool

 Sohnne Milton Sofa Ottoman

This couch can be the centerpiece of your apartment. It’s loosely put together. The all-foam fabric also has beautiful designs that make the user feel comfortable. For your information, the main ideas behind the design of this Sohnne Toga Sofa Replica with Stool are a lot of seating space, a natural texture, and padding with unusual proportions.

This couch is one of a kind because it is made up of long, rectangular pieces that not only make it look good but also give your body support and comfort. Also, it has three types of high-density foam, each of which has a different density and is put together to make the structure. Another thing that describes this sofa is that it’s light. Overall, this couch by Sohnne is very flexible and easy to move.

Style: 20th Mid-century modern designs | Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 34.3” x 23.6” x 16.5” Inch | Upholstery material: Teddy velvet

Highland 72” Square Arm Sofa

Highland 72” Square Arm Sofa

This super-chic sofa will add texture and sophistication to any space in your apartment. Even more, it will look nice in a bathroom. You will certainly fall in love with its soft velvet upholstery as well as gold-accented legs. Anyway, this sofa will surely enhance your apartment without overshadowing any décor.

Its unique color makes it very beautiful. Besides that, its design is excellent for any room, as it matches any decoration. Besides its softness, other reasons why people love it are that it offers easy assembly and includes throw pillows. However, it may need more pillows for more proper back support.

Type: Sofa | Dimension: 31” H x 72: W x 33” D | Frame material: Metal, manufactured wood | Upholstery material: 100% polyester

65” Recessed Arm Loveseat

65” Recessed Arm Loveseat

This loveseat couch comes with reversible cushions to ensure its comfort. Due to its comfort, you can fall asleep within 20 minutes after laying on this sofa. So, we can call it a cozy nap-approved couch. This is ideal for an apartment with a small space. If you want to lounge all day, this will be the perfect piece of furniture to buy. Overall, it is one of the best couches for small apartments. In addition to its deep seats, this couch also comes in more than 40 fabric options.

Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 30” H x 65” W x 41” D | Frame material: Solid, manufactured wood

Cooper Loveseat with Green Velvet

 Cooper Loveseat with Green Velvet

This couch, which costs less than $250, will enhance your apartment’s style. This high-rated sofa is really affordable. Anyway, you will certainly love how luxe it is. And its green velvet option makes this much more stunning.

This couch will meet your expectations for your small apartment. You can easily put it together without requiring tools. Besides that, it is very sturdy and perfectly fits in a small studio apartment. Its fabric, perfect size, quality, and price all contribute to it meeting expectations. Moreover, it offers multiple color and fabric options as well as easy-to-clean fabrics.

Type: Standard loveseat | Dimension: 32.30 L x 60 W x 35 H inch | Color: Green velvet

Albany Park Loveseat

Albany Park Loveseat

If you love the feel and look of leather, this loveseat is excellent for your small apartment. You can lounge guilt-free on it, thanks to its buttery-soft faux leather upholstery that looks more expensive than it is. Anyway, it will be hard to find a loveseat with quality faux leather like this. We recommend this to you because it doesn’t require tools for assembly. Besides that, it comes with a hard frame. One more thing, according to reviewers, it got an A for customer service.

Dimension: 62” W x 32” H x 34” D | Material frame: hardwood

Full 70.5” Wide Linen Convertible Sofa

Full 70.5” Wide Linen Convertible Sofa

If you remember that uncomfortable, clunky metal-framed futon you purchased, you deserve an upgrade now. You can elevate your living space and allow overnight visitors a comfy spot to sleep with this modern convertible sofa.

Maybe it belongs to the most comfortable futon available on the market today. You can just sit on it or even sleep on it comfortably. It also features perfect padding for either a bed or couch. Even more, it easily folds to give you the sofa you want. Additionally, it still provides a good base for sleeping. Overall, this is a great investment.

Easy-breezy assembly is one of the reasons why you must love it. Besides that, its linen upholstery is very chic and comfortable. So, there’s no reason not to pick this convertible sofa to enhance your apartment interior.

Type: Convertible sofa | Dimension: 31.5” H x 70.5” W x 31.5” D | Frame material: Metal | Frame color: Grey green | Upholstery material: 100% linen


The best couches for small apartments listed above are excellent buys.They not only provide comfort but also create style. Make sure that your preferred couch’s size is appropriate for the available space in your apartment. The Sohnne Sohnne Toga Sofa Replica with Stool is one of the best options. You can still find other Sohnne couches or sofas. Just feel free to visit sohnne.com to find out more.

FAQ About Best Couches for Small Apartments

1. What Type of Couch Should I Get for a Small Apartment?

You can consider a standard sofa that ranges from 84” to 88” or a standard loveseat that measures about 52” wide. For a small apartment, you can opt for a small sofa that ranges from 68” to 80” wide. Each option will work well in a small apartment.

2. What Type of Sofa Is Best for a Small Living Room?

The best option is a thin, low arm. Even though many people think that a sofa with arms is too bulky, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have one in your small living room. You just need one with low and thin arms.

3. How Do You Pick a Couch for a Small Apartment?

You can find the best couches for small apartments by measuring the space you have, paying attention to the legs, looking at smaller furniture, making your bed do double duty, etc.

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