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Egg Chair Replica


The egg chair replica is a product available at, and it is especially suitable for use in your living room area. Sohnne’s products have a verified track record of quality. This apart from being built of high-quality materials, this single product offers a variety of interesting options with a distinct style.

Why is Sohnne’s best product the replica egg chair?

The egg chair replica is functional furniture with a great artistic value. Produced by craftsmen who are always developing, giving the most recent and not out of date designs.If you are interested in Sohnne’s products, then you must know the advantages of the egg chair replica products. Compared to other furniture, you will definitely trust our products. In addition to quality, Sohnne’s items will never go out of style.

1. Made from Quality Materials

The egg chair replica is composed of high-quality materials. This product will endure longer because of the high-quality materials used. As a result, Sohnne is a superior furniture supplier to other sorts of furniture.

The materials utilized have a lifespan of up to 20 years. This primary material is regarded as the greatest wood in Indonesia and around the world. This sort of wood has been shown to be smoother, with sharper fibers and a more uniform hue.

Sohnne creates goods that are easy to use, and you will appreciate the robustness of this well-proportioned device. Sohnne furniture is more lower than other types of furniture, yet the quality is comparable.

The egg chair replica is a high-art and delightful object with its own unique traits. As a result, Sohnne’s egg chair replica is a product that is both graceful and alive. This is why many people choose Sohnne as the greatest furniture for decorating their houses.

2. Suitable for Modern Home

When you choose an egg chair replica, you will feel comfortable and relaxed when sitting on it. Because the back of this chair slopes, you will feel your body pulled back.

You will have both privacy and comfort at the same time, helping you feel more at ease at home. Sohnne egg chairs are currently available in a variety of upholstery materials. The egg chair replica acquired its name from its elliptical form.

When someone sees an egg chair, they will understand that it is made from an egg shell that has been cut in such a way. Because the architect designed this iconic chair, it is now available in more hotels.

Egg Chair Replica

About Derby Chair 

Sohnne genuinely has a number of pleasant chair options. One of them is The egg chair replica  and product’s name is Derby Chair.

The egg chair replica inspired the derby chair, and we have tremendous admiration for the original design. The Derby chair is built of a strong steel frame and comfy, long-lasting cushion.

This chair is also upholstered in genuine leather, giving it a rich appearance. This chair’s corners are exceptionally smooth and detailed. This egg chair replica is excellent for filling any area in your home due to its attractive design and comfortable structure.

The Derby Chair vs The Egg Chair

This Derby Chair appears to be extremely similar to the egg chair at first glance. However, there are some differences between these two products. Here’s the review.

DifferencesDerby ChairThe Egg Chair
DimensionL 38.1″ x W 33.9″ x H 42.1″ inch/ L 96.7 x W 86 x H 107 cmHeight: 104 cmWidth: 86 cmDept: 79 cmArmrest height: 58 cmSeat height: 37 cm
MaterialsLeather, Iron StructureUpholstery
Satin Chromed or Powder-Coated Steel Tube
Aluminum Base
Cold-Cured Foam
Free ShippingYes No
TaxIncluderNot included


Sohnne products are manufactured with high-quality ingredients, which is why they should be in your home. The egg chair replica by Sohnne Sohnee’s quality is comparable to that of the original product. However, the prices of Sohnne products are much lower, so it can be a choice of comfortable chairs at home.

FAQ for The Egg Chair Replica

1. What are the advantages of an egg chair replica?

The best product manufactured of high quality materials is the replica egg chair. This Sohnne product is ideal for modern homes because it is both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

2. How comfortable is the chair?

Yes, even after a long period of use, the Darby Chair is very comfortable.

3. Is this a replica chair?

Yes, this chair is a high-end reproduction of the original design, made of high-quality materials to provide comfort to its users.

4. Can this chair rotate freely?

The egg chair replica is simple to turn.

5. Does the chair’s base have star legs?

Yes, there is a star base on the base of this chair.

6. How many different colors are there?

Sohnne’s egg chair replica comes in two colors: Sand Brown and Noir Black.

7. How long is the warranty period if you purchase this product?

Sohnne offers a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty as well as a lifetime warranty.

8. How heavy can this egg chair replica withstand?

This chair can support a maximum weight of 380 lbs (167 kg).

9. How should this chair be cared for?

You can clean the seat cushion with a soft cloth that has been dampened with water. Then, using a mild soap, carefully clean and dry the chair with a soft cotton towel.

Meanwhile, vacuum the back of the house. Furthermore, do not use abrasive cleaners on metal structures or painted parts of the chair or back. Instead, use a soft cloth to remove lint before rinsing and drying.

10. Will this egg chair replica product come with free shipping?

Yes, when you buy products from our store, you will receive free shipping. Not only that, but the payment options are varied, making it easy to purchase the greatest things from Sohnne.

11. How long does it take to deliver?

We will prepare the things you purchase on the same day, including weekends and holidays. Orders are typically shipped to operations within 1-2 days, and you will be notified of delivery by email or SMS.

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