6 Best Modern Arc Floor Lamps for Your Home

Modern Arc Floor Lamps


modern arc floor lamps for living room

Arc floor lights are now lamps with arched forms. Many Modern Arc Floor Lamps are designed to look like tree branches. Because of their imposing size and dramatic form, these arc floor lights are seldom practical. They are often employed as a worthwhile addition to a room or place at home. Now, let’s look for modern arc floor lamps that are appropriate for your living area, bedroom, and so forth.

Modern Arc Floor Lamps Suggestions

If you need ideas for arc floor lamps that come in modern design or style, we have some recommendations.

Sohnne Retro Floor Lamp

Sohne Retro Floor Lamp

This arching floor lamp may be adjusted. It enables you to make various angles and position it in various areas. Aside from that, this high-quality handmade lamp is quite light. This industrial but modern-chic light also features a black shade.

Then there are the slender steel bars with a black finish. With its on-trend, minimalist, and contemporary form, this is ideal for indoor use to brighten a room. As a result, it mixes wonderfully with contemporary design houses with gold elements that stand out in every area or room.

Dimension: ⌀26 x 115 cm / ⌀10.2 x 45.2 inch | Weight: 2.13 kg/ 4.69 lbs | Color: Black | Material: Icon + Aluminum + Silicone | Shade material: metal | voltage: 220V | Light source: LED | Wattage: 24W | Color temperature: 2700-6000K

Petite Modern Arc Metal Floor Lamp

Petite Modern Arc Metal Floor Lamp

We already know that arc lighting may save space. Unfortunately, they are generally tall. There is now a shorter, more tiny variant. This arc metal floor lamp is one of the most stylish on the market. The lamp’s polished brass exterior gives it a modern appearance. Meanwhile, its ’60s-inspired shape gives a touch of retro charm. Of course, the mix of periods ensures that this lamp will bring elegance to whatever area it is put in.

Material: metal base | overall dimensions: 30” W x 11” D x 54” H | Color: antique brass | Light source: one 9W LED bulb or 60W incandescent bulb

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“Let us rejoice in the truth, wherever we find its lamp burning.”

 – Albert Schweitzer
Valerie Objects Standing Lamp n1

Valerie Objects Standing Lamp n1

This modern arc floor lamps by Muller Van Severen looks wonderful in any area or room in your home. It seems to be a doodle, with a solid black line snaking up from the floor and then back down toward it. A tiny, flat shade and a smaller lightbulb are then suspended from the curve’s tip.

Despite its tiny appearance, this lamp promises to provide lots of light. Set it next to a sofa, armchair, or anyplace else that may benefit from light. You may place it wherever since it has a streamlined shape.

Dimension: 120.00 (length) x 190.00 (height) x 100.00 (width) cm | material: steel | max voltage: 240.00 V | bulb type: e27 | color: black

Anthropologie Luna Floor Lamp

Anthropologie Luna Floor Lamp

This is also one of the best modern arc floor lamps to pick. It is a classic arc lamp that comes with a striking twist. Mostly, arc lamps rise up before curving over, like tree branches. On the other hand, this lamp curves out and then inward, forming more of a “C” shape. Its design leaves a contemporary feeling without distracting from its main purpose: providing light as you sit on a chaise lounge, chair, or couch.

The Anthropologie Luna Floor Lamp is available in solid black or in gold and white. So, just feel free to choose your preferred option. In addition, keep in mind that it doesn’t include the lampshade. Since its shade is sold separately, you can easily mix and match your color schemes.

Dimension: 76” H x 42” L x 12.5 “ W | Cord: 8’max wattage: 100 W | Color: gold 

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Oluce Coupe Arch Floor Lamp

Oluce Coupe Arch Floor Lamp

This is a spectacular buy that will completely change your area or environment. Its base is straight up, making it ideal for echoing or resting against your wall lines. Aside from that, the lamp’s robust base climbs up to meet the arch that dramatically hangs over, forming a prominent curve.

Furthermore, the silhouette gives it the appearance of a work of art. The size, on the other hand, makes this light more noticeable. This modern arc floor lamp is 94.3″ tall, for your knowledge. Aside from that, the lampshade is unquestionably huge, making it both functional and eye-catching.

Source bulbs: 1 x max 100 W (E27) | Material: chromium plated metal/ aluminum | color: white – black

Overarching Metal Shade Floor Lamp by West Elm

Overarching Metal Shade Floor Lamp by West Elm

This is another excellent choice for people looking for a contemporary arced floor light. This traditional lamp has a study base, a huge, light-diffusing head, and an exaggerated arc. It does, however, have a gleaming brass exterior and a coupe-shaped shade. As a result, this floor lamp exudes sophistication and modernity.

It may be combined with a stylish ornamentation. You may also contrast it with more conventional solutions. Because it is not very modern, it may be an adaptable addition to any area or room in your house.

Material: metal shade and body | overall dimensions: 58” W x 14” D x 80” H | Color: brass | Light source: one 7W LED bulb or one 60W incandescent bulb

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That’s all about modern arc floor lamps. Different floor lamps come with different designs, lights, silhouettes, etc. So, make sure that you choose the arced floor lamp that meets your needs and home style or decoration.

Most arc floor lamps are appropriate for any space or room. So, just feel free to place it in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you want. If you are looking for modern arc floor lamps, you can choose one of our recommendations above.

FAQs About Modern Arc Floor Lamps

1. Is an Arc Lamp in Style?

The lighting design of an arc lamp is mid-century modern. This lovely floor lamp is making a resurgence in contemporary and trendy home design nowadays.

2. How Tall Should Arc Floor Lamps Be?

An arc light rises from the floor and arcs up and down. It arcs over a sitting area, for example. A floor lamp often contains a standard floor lamp that is around 5″-6″ feet tall. The shadow is then approximately eye-level while standing.

3. Where Should You Place Arc Lamps?

Arc lights may be used in a variety of settings or locations. It is a good idea, for example, to set it next to a dining room table. A gorgeous arced floor light may also be used in a reading area. A floor lamp may also be used in your living room.

4. Is an arc lamp still used today?

Arc lights are now used in many applications that demand high brightness. Arc lamps, for example, are used in huge film projector lights, floodlights, and searchlights.

5. Is an arc lamp efficient?

This type of lamp creates an arc through ionized xenon gas in a high-pressure bulb, giving the lamp high efficiency. As a result, the light provided by modern arc floor lamps is highly intense. Besides that, it is close in frequency to sunlight.

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