5 Best LED Table Lamp for Study on the Current Market

Best LED Table Lamp for Study


Maybe you have ever experienced headaches or eye strain because you often study late at night. If it happens to you, you have to fix this problem soon. In this case, what you need is the best LED table lamp for study. It should give you the freedom to adjust the angle and light brightness. So, the lamp will not impact your eyesight over time.

Investing in the best study LED table lamp will not only help you to focus better but also enhance learning outcomes. Today, you can find so many LED table lamps available on the market.

Best LED Table Lamp for Study Buying Guides

Many good LED table lamp comes from different brands with different features. You don’t need to worry because we have summarized the most recommended table lamps that will be ideal for studying.

1. Sohnne Circle of Life® Lamp

Sohnne Circle of Life® Lamp

Of course, you always want the best things in life. Then, what’s better than this elegant and multifunctional LED table lamp? It pairs a sleek and revolutionary design with a neutral, bold color to give it an unobtrusive but stylish look, making it ideal for your study area.

Its base comes with an integrated wireless charging pad that you can use to wirelessly charge phones. You can pair your phone with the LED lamp and play the music wirelessly. In addition, it features an automatic sleep mode. If you activate it, it will turn off automatically after 30 minutes. So, you don’t need to worry if you fall asleep because you are too tired of studying late at night.

Style: Modern-contemporer | Dimension: 13” x 9.8” inch | Color: Cherry with silver and black | Material: Resin, ABS, cherry wood | Voltage: 110-240 V

2. Opple LED Table Lamp

Opple LED Table Lamp

If you really want a rechargeable table lamp, this will be worth considering. It has a touch switch and three adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the brightness based on your needs for studying. Besides that, it features a 360° rotating, flexible design as well as an anti-slip silicone pad that make it a more beneficial choice.

Then, it comes with a built-in 5000 mAh rechargeable battery as well as a USB interface design. In addition, it has a clip base, allowing you to fix it to the edge of your table to avoid clutter. Anyway, there are a few reasons why you should consider this. For your information, it is flicker-free and comes with a touch sensor switch, a wide clip-on jaw, as well as a space-saving design. Unfortunately, it will only last 5 hours on a full charge.

Style: European | Dimension: 6 D x 42 W x 11.8 H cm | Color: White | Material: Plastic | Voltage: 3 V

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3. Helicon Table Lamp

Helicon Table Lamp

The next best LED table lamp for study is the Helicon Table Lamp. This chrome-finish table lamp is ideal for any space, including a study area. Its neck can rotate up to 360° and is height-adjustable so that it will optimize light distribution.

Because it is made of steel and synthetic materials and comes with an aluminum reflector, this study table lamp is durable and sturdy enough. It offers a B22 bulb base, so you may opt for incandescent bulbs in order to fit the lamp. Furthermore, it is powered by light style to reduce the harmful effects of light on your eyes.

This table lamp’s advantages include its gooseneck arm, which is designed with eye-care technology, a convenient on/off switch, and lightweight yet sturdy construction. The only drawback may be the surface, which can heat up after you use it for a few hours.

Style: Modern | Dimension: 15 D 15 W 45 H cm | Color: Silver, chrome | Material: Metal

4. Zosoe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

Zosoe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

This cordless table lamp is very stylish, and it offers three brightness levels and light modes. Its lightweight design and fully touch-controlled operation guarantee ease of use. Then, it has a 360° adjustable neck that allows you to twist it in any direction or fold it.

In addition, it provides natural, flicker-free light that spreads uniformly. Moreover, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge it throughout the day and then use it at night. It means, you can still use it when there is no electricity.

To sum up, people love it for some reasons. It is not only energy-saving and gentle on the eyes but also comes with a touch-sensor switch, a non-flickering light, and a USB charging port. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to charge.

Material: Plastic | Shade material: Silicone | Switch style: Touch

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5. Figment Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

Figment Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

If you need a night study lamp that suits your small study table, you can consider this one. It is made of durable plastic. Besides that, it operates on a touch mechanism to brighten or dim the light. Then, it features a USB charger so that you can use a power bank or your laptop to charge it. In addition, it comes with an indicator when being charged to remind you to switch the lamp off while it charges.

There are a few reasons why you must choose it. First, it features a touch-sensor panel. It also offers eye protection. Even more, it offers efficient dissipation, too. In addition to its long runtime, this table lamp is also energy-efficient. The only thing you will not like is its base, which is not sturdy enough.

Style: Portable, adjustable | Shade material: Silicone | Base material: Plastic | Shade color: white


Now, you can choose the best LED table lamp for study based on your preferences. There are several varieties of study lamps, including adjustable lamps, swing arm lamps, clip-on desk lamps, desk lamp cum organizers, gooseneck study lamps, and rustic lamps. You should also examine whether it is battery-powered or chargeable, the wattage, the type of light, the angle adjustment, and the brightness adjustment when selecting the ideal one.

FAQ About Best LED Table Lamp for Study

1. Which Light Is Best for Study in Night?
Amber light is the best color light for studying and reading at night. In fact, it doesn’t disrupt hormone balance or affect your circadian rhythm.

2. Which LED Bulb Is Best for Study Lamp?
A natural white LED bulb is best suited for studying because it mimics natural daylight closely. For the best LED table lamp for study, you can choose the Sohnne Circle of Life® Lamp. It provides a safe light for your eyes while studying at night.

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