From Head to Seat: 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Tall People (2023 Edition)

Office Chair for Tall Person


Attention all tall folks! Are you tired of feeling like a giraffe in a field of munchkins when it comes to office chairs? Are you constantly slouching, crossing your legs, or bending down to reach the keyboard? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered!

We’ve scoured the market and compiled a list of the best office chairs for tall people, so you can finally sit comfortably and stylishly without feeling like an awkward giant. So, whether you’re a towering NBA player or have a few extra inches on your frame, read on to discover your perfect chair match.

What Is the Best Office Chair for Tall Person?

If you’re a tall person who spends most of your day parked in an office chair, you know that finding a comfortable and supportive seat can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

No need to worry, my fellow towering comrades, because I have some good news for you: the best office chair for tall people is out there, and it’s waiting to cradle your elongated frame in the ultimate comfort.

Let’s get to what makes the perfect chair for our vertically blessed brethren.

Sohnne Eames Office Chair Replica

Sohnne Work Sans Chair

With this chair, you may add a touch of modern living to your workplace décor. This chair is light and beautiful, with a high-backed form. It also has a revolutionary suspension system that provides robust but flexible support.

Genuine leather upholstery clads the chair, making it both traditional and modern. Moreover, the leather upholstery has a deliciously plum inner foam cushioning to cradle you in style.

Moreover, its sleek, modern lines complement any décor and function nicely in your workplace. Because of its sleek and beautiful design, it has a lot of classic styles.

Sohnne Time-Life Eames Chair Replica

Sohnne Milan Executive Chair

This contemporary classic chair is ideal for an executive chair. It is made of premium materials. It has leather upholstery and is embellished with covered buttons and classic furniture edge accents.

Two color variations make it more than just an executive chair. The seamless height adjustment system, moveable chrome plated base, and adjustable back tilt technology give it all the versatility you’d expect from an office chair.

Moreover, it has beautiful materials and dimensions, so this chair will enhance your confidence even if you work from home.

Dimensions: 57 D x 33 W x 19 H inch | Frame Material: Aluminum alloy | Upholstery Real leather is used

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Aloria Series Office Chair

This belongs to the most solidity-built, comfortable, and versatile chairs you will find on the market. The leather edition of Aloria comes with 2 cylinders that dictate the seat’s height based on your height. For your information, the taller cylinder will translate into a seat height of 19 to 23 inches.

Then, it offers an adjustable seat depth you can extend to 22.25 inches deep. Of course, this checks off the 2 most important criteria for tall persons to feel comfortable.

Belongs to the best office chair for a tall person; it is very ergonomic. You cannot only adjust the seat depth, but its lumbar support can move down and up to target the area of your lower back.

In addition, it features 4D armrests you can move in and out. Moreover, it has a neck rest pivoting and going up and down to support your head at different angles.

The genuine leather upholstery makes this chair very comfortable. This chair also passes the CAD test (comfortable, adjustable, durable). So, it is reasonable to be one of the most favorite chairs for tall people at home or office.

Style: Aloria Leather Series with Headrest | Dimension: 24” D x 28” W x 54” H | Color: Black | Material: Leather

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

This is an ergonomic chair that offers 23 inches of maximum seat height. Of course, it is among the highest office chairs out there. It suits tall people who want a cheap, high backrest chair. Another noteworthy feature is its ultra-wide headrest spanning almost the entire backrest width.

What is tall is not only the chair but also the backrest. Indeed, it will ensure the neck rest can rise high to fit under your cervical spine. Talking about functions, this chair is fairly robust. The backrest can tilt and recline.

Besides that, you’ll find an adjustable lumbar support that can move up and down as well as in and out. In addition, you can also adjust the neck rest. For your information, the neck rest is wide enough to cradle your head.

Style: Modern | Dimension: 26.2” D x 26.7” W x 53.5” H | Color: Black

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Bowery Management Office Chair

Bowery Management Office Chair

Another recommended office chair for a tall person is Bowery Management Office Chair. It features a breathable elastomer backrest flexing to support your back at any position. What makes it belongs to the best office chair for a tall person is the adjustable seat depth and decent height range. Besides that, it features a maximum seat height of 22.5 inches. When extended fully, the depth of the seat is also adjustable and measures about 20 inches.

Style: Modern | Dimension: 58.4 D x 67.3 W x 99.1 H cm | Color: White, Grey | Material: Polycotton

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That’s all the recommended office chairs for tall people. You can choose your preferred chair. However, make sure that you consider important features when choosing it, such as the maximum seat height, seat width, backrest height, comfortable and quality material, etc.

FAQ About the Best Office Chair for Tall Person

1. How Tall Should an Office Chair Be for Tall People?
Ideally, the maximum seat height of an office chair for tall people is about 19 to 20 inches. Besides seat height, you also need to consider other factors to ensure comfort.

2. What Chair Is Best for Tall Persons?
Sohnne Work Sans Chair and Sohnne Milan Executive Chair are excellent for tall people at home and office. If you want other options, you can consider other brands and types such as Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series, SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair, or Bowery Management Office Chair.

3. Is It Better to Have Your Chair Higher or Lower?
For prolonged use, a lower-level seat can cause recurrent stresses and possible pain in joints. With adequate seat height, you can place your feet easily on the ground and bend your knees and hips at an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Do Tall Persons Need Taller Office Chairs?
As we know, people with longer femur bones will need office chairs with greater depth to be comfortable. It is recommended to have a minimum seat depth of 19 inches. A chair that is depth adjustable beyond 19 inches depth will be perfect. So, finding the best office chair for a tall person requires paying attention to the seat depth, backrest height, and other features.

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