Eames Lounge Chair Replica, Comfortable Chair for All Situations (2023 Update)


Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Eames chair replica is a brilliant option for those who need to sit at the optimal angle for maximum comfort. Thanks to the bent-wood technique, this chair is ergonomic and convenient.

It prevents back pain even after sitting for a few hours. A lounge chair, along with an Ottoman can be a great option to relax at home after doing your activities.

About Classic Lounge Chair

Eames chair is the inspiration for many other furniture products. One of the chairs inspired by the eames chair is the classic lounge chair from Sohnne.

This chair has the following features, It is good for tall people to keep them seated in the proper position. You are about to feel comfort once your body touches the chair. It is because of the 100% top-grain genuine leather. The texture is softer and cooler than PU leather.

This product is also worth the investment if you need a longer-lasting and more durable chair at home. The manufacturer uses high-quality stainless steel frame construction to support up to 330 pounds. Plus, this product also has a 360-degree swivel base with a 15-degree Perma-tilt base for extra durability.

The design of this classic lounge chair and Ottoman looks simple yet luxurious. It focuses on the executive, masculine, and sexy styles of the mid-century. You will be amazed by the soft plywood panel with its rubber and metal connections.

Indeed, the high-density cushion perfectly supports your lumbar and posture to keep you relaxed while reading or napping. This product is available in three colors, black leather with Palisander wood, black leather with walnut wood, and ivory white leather with walnut wood. Indeed, it is a great Eames chair replica you should have at home. The chair has a relaxing effect on your body.

Classic Lounge Chair vs Eames Lounge Chair

Classic Lounge Chair

Classic lounge chair is an eames chair replica that has superior features and can provide comfort for those of you who use it. The comparison between the classic lounge chair and the eames lounge chair is as follows:

DifferenceClassic Lounge ChairEames Lounge Chair
Main FeaturesMain features 100% genuine leather, a Built-in 360° Swivel mechanism with a 15° Perma-tilt baseCustomized shellsLuxurious comfortRich upholsteryHeight options 
DimensionSeat: 21 D x 19,7 L x 15,7 H inch / 53 D x 50 LX 39,8 H cmChair: 36 D x 31,5 W x 33 H inch / 91 D x 84 W x 83,8 H cm 86 x 82 x 86 cm
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime customer support5 Years
TaxPurchase includes taxPurchase does not include tax


When seeking a comfortable chair to unwind in at home while engaging in your favorite activities, rest assured that the task is not burdensome. One option that stands out amongst the rest is the Eames lounge chair replica. This exceptional product boasts a chic design while providing comfort and safety.

With meticulous attention to every aspect of its design, this chair guarantees maximum benefits from regular use. Its intuitive construction seems to anticipate the unique needs of its users, such as those seeking a lounge chair tailored to taller individuals or one that comes with an Ottoman.

Undoubtedly, this chair is a worthwhile investment that delivers long-lasting effects. As such, we highly recommend it for your consideration in any comprehensive review of chairs available today.

FAQ for Eames Chair Replica

1. Can I Adjust the Lounge Chair?

No, you can’t adjust the lounge chair. Ensure that you check the size of the product before purchasing it. Choose a specific lounge chair, such as Classic Lounge Chair or an Ottoman if you are taller. It perfectly supports your posture to prevent health issues, especially back and neck pain.

2. How is This Chair Packaged?

You will receive only one box. A box consists of all parts you need to assemble the lounge chair. The delivery process will be much easier and safer because everything will be packaged in a box. 

3. Does the Chair Require Assembly?

You will receive it in separate parts. Indeed, you have to assemble the parts before using them. Don’t worry! The assembly process is simple because you only have to do the bottom part of the chair. Ensure that the lounge chair is strong and safe enough after assembling it. That’s it! you can use the Eames chair replica only for a few minutes.

4. If measured from the ground, what is the height of this chair?

The height from the floor to the top of the seat is 33 inches.

5. Does this chair have wheels?

This chair has no wheels on the legs.

6. What is the weight capacity of this chair?

This Eames chair replica has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. 

7. How to clean this chair?

Cleaning with a soft cloth and soap. After that, rinse carefully and then dry. Avoid abrasive cleaners on polished steel parts or painted parts of the seat or back.

8. What is the delivery time if I buy the classic lounge chair at Sohnne?

Delivery time from our store is about 2-5 days. Much faster than other stores that require delivery times of up to 14 days.

9. Does the product purchase include tax?

Yes, product purchases include tax.

10. Are regular size eames chair replica available?

Yes, we provide regular sizes. Please contact our customer service for more information.

11. Does this product require assembly?

Yes, this product must be assembled first. This product assembly tutorial video can be seen in the product description.

12. Is the purchase of this product free of charge?

Yes, if you buy this product, you will get free shipping.

13. How should I pay? 

Payments can be made using all types of credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, (Pay later), Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Affirm Financing. Thus, you can more easily transact in our store.

14. Is there a fee for returns?

There is no charge for submitting a return.

15. What kind of furniture is suitable for an eames chair replica?

This chair is perfect and looks stunning for all types of modern furniture. So you can use this chair as a living room chair, in the reception area, or in an executive office.

16. Is the seat cushion removable?

The Classic lounge chair cushion can be removed using a clip system, so it can be adjusted according to comfort. Not only that, the foam used is also luxurious and of high quality, which makes you more comfortable when using it.

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