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Eames Lounge Chair Replica

There are many kinds of Eames Chair Lounge Replica, ranging from chairs with a minimalist design to chairs with a luxurious design. Lounge chairs are one of the supporting pieces of furniture that can make your relaxing time more enjoyable. In addition, now there are also so many lounge chairs with various interesting additional features, you know.

About Classic Lounge Chair (Tall)

Eames lounge chair replicas are very diverse and easy to find. One of the superior quality eames chair replica is the classic lounge chair (tall) from Sohnne. This lounge chair is much loved because of its antique and majestic shape.

This chair is also a symbol of the executive style of the century, which gives the impression of being sexy, masculine, and comfortable. This chair is very comfortable to use because they equipped it with dense foam covered with genuine leather.

The ergonomic design also makes this chair more comfortable. Not only that, but it also made this chair of a sturdy and strong frame. You can use this chair to work, study, or relax while watching a movie or series.

Differences Classic Lounge Chair (Tall) an Eames Lounge Chair

Classic Lounge Chair

The classic lounge chair (tall) is very similar to the eames lounge chair by Herman Miller. However, Sohnne’s lounge chair costs much less than Herman Miller’s chair. There are some differences between the classic lounge chair (tall) and the eames lounge chair:

DifferenceClassic Lounge ChairEames Lounge Chair
Main Features100% real leatherA 360° swivel mechanism is built in, with a 15° Perma-tilt base.Customized shellsLuxurious comfortRich upholsteryHeight options 
DimensionSeat: 21 D x 19,7 L x 15,7 H inci/ 53 D x 50 LX 39,8 H cmChair: 36 D x 31,5 W x 33 H inci/ 91 D x 84 W x 83,8 H cm 86 x 82 x 86 cm
Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty and lifetime customer support5 Years
TaxPurchase include taxPurchase does not include tax

How to Care for the Classic Lounge Chair (Tall)

Classic lounge chair (tall) is made of quality materials that make this chair very comfortable to use. In order for this chair to remain durable, something must do properly the care. The procedures for caring for this eames lounge chair replica are:

1. Leather pillow

They cover this seat cushion with real leather. Therefore, the method of care must be correct so that it is not easily damaged. Clean the skin pillow regularly using a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild soap. Wipe clean and dry with a soft cotton towel.

2. Wood veneer panels

How to clean this area is to apply furniture polish and keep it free of solvents or scourers. Use a soft cloth according to the instructions carefully until clean.

Polished aluminum surface and back support

The eames lounge chair replica can be cleaned using Johnson’s® Wood Floor Paste Wax according to the instructions on the package.

3. General cleaning guidelines

Cleaning this chair is done using a cloth and mild soap. Then, rinse carefully and dry. For polished steel parts, backrests, or painted chair parts, do not clean with abrasive cleaners. The reason is, the material will damage the chair.


The benefit of recliner chairs is to build a comfort zone. No matter how long you sit, the recliner is adjustable and allows you to sit in a very comfortable position. The recliner adjusts the position to your liking.

Eames lounge chair replica is a good choice for you. These features are very good and excellent. Do you want to stand, sit, lift your legs, or need to lie down completely to relax and rest? It will adjust as desired. Not only that, the price of the replica chair from Sohnne is also much cheaper than the original chair.

FAQ for Eames Chair Lounge Replica

1. What kind of lounge chair to choose?

First, You need to determine the room you want to place, determine the desired size, chair material, relax, height and existing features.

2. What material should be chosen?

The materials commonly used for lounge chairs are cloth and leather. This is because the fabric will absorb sweat more easily and will not make you hot when sitting for long on the lounge chair. While leather is often used because it is durable and long lasting and relatively easy to clean. Of course, the lounge chair will last longer and look like a new chair if you are diligent in caring for and cleaning it.

3. What features should you choose?

Some lounge chairs have additional features that you can use and take advantage of. For example, it can make the addition of the arms and legs that long so you can use them to lie down.

4. Does the height of the chair have to be considered?

The lounge chair should not have a height that is too high so that people who will use it can easily get up and sit on the chair. You should consider the height of the chair you are going to buy, especially if you have children.

Of course, it will be easier for children to climb into a chair that has a low enough height that when he climbs up on the lounge chair himself, his safety will be guaranteed and children will not fall..

5. Does the eames lounge chair replica have wheels?

Please note that this classic lounge chair (tall) does not have wheels on the legs. However, you will still feel comfortable when using this chair.

6. What is the weight capacity of this chair?

This chair has a weight capacity of up to 33 pounds.

7. How long does it take for the product to reach my house?

They will process confirmed shipments on the same day (including Saturday and Sunday). Usually, the order will be sent to the operator within 1-2 days and you will receive a delivery confirmation via email or SMS. The confirmation contains the tracking number to view the delivery status of the product. The existence of this number allows you to see the existence of the package periodically.

8. Are regular size eames chair lounge replicas available?

For more detailed information about product sizes, please contact our team via email support@sohnne.com or through the live chat feature on this web.

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