6 Best Couches for Living Room to Pick Out

Best Couches for Living Room


It is very challenging to find the best couches for living room. You can consider a compact 2-seater, a roomy chaise, or a versatile sectional sofa to create a successful home interior scheme. Here, you have to choose couches for living room that works with your desired decoration.

Best Couches for Living Room with Different Decor Styles

Not all couches will work well with all decoration styles. So, you have to be careful when looking for couches for your living room. If you have no idea, you can consider the following recommended options.

1. Sohnne Milton Sofa

Sohnne Milton Sofa

Instagram feeds have recently been dominated by this 1970s Milton sofa. It is a true design icon that defies convention by combining vibrant colors, plush foam filling, enticing contours, and a distinctive, pleated finish.

This couches for living room has a lovely low-to-the-ground shape with a distinctive curve and a sunken contour. In addition, it has intentional lines and ruffled crevices that disguise the crooked, crumbling silhouette.

Type: Lounge Sofa | Dimension: 40.2 x 34.2 x 29.1 inch | Upholstery Material: Suede, Corduroy

2. Sohnne Milton Sofa 2-Seater

Sohnne Milton Sofa 2-Seater

This iconic sofa is well-known for its unique design. Besides that, it belongs to he first sofas made from high-density sponge. Of course, this brings unparalleled comfort, making it an ideal choice for any living room.

What makes it perfectly comfortable also relates to the organic, enveloping and ergonomic lines. Besides that, this sofa comes with soft polyester padding, a luxurious teddy velvet upholstery, and ergonomic lines. Overall, it is perfect for relaxing all day.

Type: Loveseat | Dimension: 51.5” x 40.1” x 27.5” inch | Upholstery Material: Teddy velvet

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3. Paxton Sofa

Paxton Sofa

If you are looking for couches for living room that has a traditional silhouette and comes with English rolled arms, this will be ideal for your living room, especially for a classic interior. Featuring elegant curved lines, this can be a perfect couch for adding character to a contemporary home or for a period property.

For your information, it comes in 6 ready-to-ship tonal weaves. Besides that, it offers 500+ options of custom upholstery. So, you will easily find the appropriate shade and texture that match with your home interior décor.

Belongs to best couches for living room it is available in different widths so that you can choose the width that fits your living room space. In relation to comfort, this sofa comes with a firm yet flexible support system that is topped with cushions filled with eco-friendly foam and flexible coils, wrapped in an outer layer of feature and poly-fiber.

For longevity, it has solid hardwood frames certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. In addition, there’s also a sustainable fabric option.

Dimension: 100” W x 37” H x 39” D | Frame material: hardwood

4. Arbour Three Seater Eco Sofa

Arbour Three Seater Eco Sofa

Maybe, it belongs to the most eco-friendly sofa available on the market as it uses sustainable materials. Besides that, it comes with a pared back design. The simple design and the seating components shine.

With feather and foam cushions, there’s no compromise on comfort. The good news is that this sofa doesn’t use harmful chemicals. The beautiful beech, walnut, or oak frame makes it a good choice.

Dimension: 29.53” H x 86.61” W x 34.25” D | Product wight: 139 lbs | Material: solid oak, walnut, ord beech and plywood frame

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5. Kelston Sectional

Kelston Sectional

This sectional sofa is an ideal option for a large living room. This modular seat unit allows you to adjust the couch configuration to best suit your preference. Besides that, it allows you to add sections as many as required to create a proportional sofa.

Investing in this sectional design also becomes a wise move, especially if your living room has an open plan layout. You can make it with L or U shape based on your preference. Anyway, it has everything you need for your living room couch. With polyurethane foam seat cushions and back cushions, it ensures there is enough give for a perfect comfort.

The adjustable headrest may be the best bit. Besides that, it features a chunky backrest disguising an easy-to-use articulating mechanism which raises and lowers headrests for optimum comfort. Overall, this sofa combines a contemporary low profile and comfortable back support.

Dimension: 33.9”H x 125”W x 75”D | Upholstery material: Leather of fabric

6. KST Sofa

KST Sofa

Finding best-quality couches for living room shouldn’t break the bank. You can consider an affordable couch that is comfortable and looks impressive. Here, CB2 KST Sofa can be an ideal choice. This is a velvet sofa you can use to bring grandeur and add luxury to a living room. To achieve the look, this couch proves that you do not need a great budget.

Even though there’s a limited upholstery color palette, the polyester mix velvets make it attractive and versatile. Besides that, it doesn’t scrimp on the design detail, thanks to its eye-catching scalloped backrest. The beautiful design makes this couch a welcome decorative addition.

Considering everything, this couch will be perfect to furnish a summer home. In fact, this luxe-look piece of furniture makes for great entry-level seating.

Dimension: 91”W x 36.5”D x 30.5”H | Upholstery material: Cotton/ Poly velvet

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When it comes to best couches for living room, you have to make sure that the chosen couch can work with the existing decoration. We have some recommendations including Sohnne products. You can see other Sohnne couches on sohnne.com.

FAQ About Best Couches for Living Room

1. What Is the Most Comfortable Couch in 2022?
Our best recommendations of couches for living rooms include Sohnne Milton Sofa, Sohnne Milton Sofa 2-Seater, Arhaus Paxton Sofa, Hay Arbour Three-Seater Eco Sofa, Case Kelston Sectional, and CB2 KST Sofa.

2. How Do You Pick a Good-quality Couch?
To choose the perfect couch, you need to determine the orientation, measure the available space, be selective with leather type or upholstery fabric, choose a color that works with the decoration, pay attention to the arm style, and test the seat cushions.

3. Is It Better to Have a Soft or Firm Couch?
To host guests, a firm sofa will surely be a better choice because a soft sofa is less durable. Besides that, a firm sofa allows guests to sit upright.

4. What Are the Differences Between Couches and Sofas?
A couch refers to a piece of furniture with no arms for lying. On the other hand, a sofa means a long, upholstered seat, commonly with arms and a back, as well as often convertible into a bed. After understanding the difference between them, you have to find the best couches for living room.

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