Comfortable Ch07 Shell Chair Replica For Your Cozy Living Room

Ch07 Shell Chair Replica


The Ch07 shell chair replica is one of the most enduring examples of good design. It is a comfortable chair for your cozy living room. It advanced the concept of what a chair ought to be, how it ought to be made, and how it ought to feel, all while maintaining a high level of functionality at a price that was affordable. The Shell Chair can be found almost everywhere in interior design, from luxury hotels to American school cafeterias.

History Of a Ch07 Shell Chair 

Proxima Lounge Chair

There’s no wrong in learning about the original Ch07 shell chair before talking about the replica. With the reissue of the complete Eames Molded Plastic Chair Portfolio manufactured from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic, Herman Miller has made another significant contribution to the archives of design history. Given the chair’s contribution to the discussion of low-cost, high-quality furniture, this is a major development. This will result in a 15% reduction in the company’s yearly carbon emissions and the recycling of almost 122 tons of plastic.

Proxima Lounge Chair

Material improvement

DNA of the Shell Chair is interwoven with the concept of evolution. Ray and Charles Eames’ early designs were constructed of fiberglass; the next year, bent wire became available. After it was discovered that the material used to build the Ch07 shell chair was harmful to the environment, it was replaced with polypropylene in 2006. The change continued in the middle of the 2010s with wood treatments, which appeared soon after 2013’s return to the safer fiberglass alternative.

The Eames’ entry for the “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design” at the Museum of Modern Art was a chair with a one-piece seat and back that could be mass produced. Even though the initial entry was made in 1948 with a stamped metal shell, they were successful in accomplishing this, which was the primary reason why the chair pushed the boundaries of design.

Metal quickly became too expensive for mass manufacture and consumption, or “getting the most for the least,” which was the main goal of the MOMA competition. This Ch07 shell chair inspired Charles and Ray Eames to employ fiberglass..

About Proxima Lounge Chair

Proxima chair’s signature seat and backrest are built of upholstered, form-pressed veneer, enveloping the user in comfort. The seat cushion’s high-density sponge ensures that individuals who sit on it are as comfortable as possible. The chair exemplifies how a chair “should look lovely from all sides and angles.” It stands on three legs and is stable..

The chair’s characteristic seat and backrest are composed of upholstered, form-pressed veneer, offering enough comfort for the user. The chair’s two front legs are made of a single component, whilst the laminated legs are made of many layers of veneer. This results in an unique and stable shape, similar to a Ch07 shell chair replica.

an iconic shape

Proxima Chair is a great accent piece for any modern home. Its unique design, expressive silhouette, and unmistakably modernist look are sure to get a lot of attention.

Quality Craftsmanship 

Only the highest-quality plywood is used in the production of our Proxima Chairs. The material is shaped using the traditional steam-bending method without compromising its structural integrity. This Ch07 shell chair replica padded cushions and reclining angle make it extremely comfortable to sit in.

Luxurious Design for Any Space

This chair is beautiful from any angle because of its beautiful wood veneer and cute curves.

high-density plush cushion

The seat cushion of this Ch07 shell chair replica is made of PU-injected foam with high resilience. The zero-gravity experience and ultra-plush, continuous posterior and lumbar support are unmatched.

Proxima Lounge Chair

Ch07 Shell Chair VS Proxima Lounge Chair

The Proxime Lounge Chair resembles the Ch07 Shell in look. Nevertheless, there are several differences between these two sorts of seats. Here is the explanation. 

DifferencesCh07 shell chair replicaProxima Lounge Chair
Main FeaturesMid-Century ModernMid-Century
Dimension37.5 lbs/ 17 kg, Hei 36.2″ / 92 cm ht 29.5″ / 75 cm, Length37.5 lbs/ 17 kg, Hei 36.2″ / 92 cm ht 29.5″ / 75 cm, Length 
Warranty12-Months Manufacturer Warranty & Lifetime Customer Support12-Months Manufacturer Warranty & Lifetime Customer Support 
TaxPurchase without  includes taxPurchase includes tax


Ch07 shell chair replica is one of the most enduring examples of good design. It is a comfortable chair for your cozy living room. It advanced the concept of what a chair ought to be, how it ought to be made, and how it ought to feel, all while maintaining a high level of functionality at an affordable price.

FAQ for Ch07 Shell Chair Replica

1. Can the chair’s cushion be removed?

The cushions of the Proxima lounge chair cannot be removed.

2. Is it possible to stack the Ch07 shell chair replica?

This chair cannot be stacked

3. Is this chair suitable for use in relaxation?

This chair is quite pleasant for lounging due to the inclusion of soft and high-quality cushions.

4. Can you use this chair outdoors?

This chair is suitable for usage outside or in outdoor spaces. Indoor usage is suggested over outdoor use.

5. How should this replica Ch07 shell chair be maintained?

The upkeep of this chair is fairly simple. To clean the pillow, just use warm water and a soft cloth, followed by a soft cloth. Then, dry the garment with a soft cotton towel.

Meanwhile, clean the veneer panels with a soft cloth and soap, then rinse and scrub until dry. Avoid using abrasives to clean this region.

6. Will this product come with a warranty?

Yes, customers will get a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty as well as lifelong customer support.

7. How many color options are there for this product?

Ch07 shell chair replica has three color variants, including; palisander, walnut and black ashwood.

8. Is this chair suitable for the living room?

Obviously, this chair is suitable for the living room due to its attractive appearance and excellent quality of comfort.

9. What is the Proxima lounge chair constructed from?

Sohnne’s chair is made of high quality plywood and leather. 

10. What is the maximum height and weight of this chair?

The height of the Ch07 shell chair replica is 38 cm. While the maximum weight load is 125 kg.

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