5 Best Sofa for Small Living Rooms, A Furniture Buying Guide (2023 Update)

best sofa for small living room


best sofa for small living room
Milton Sofa

Shopping for the best sofa for small living rooms can be exhausting at times. Of course, you cannot ignore convenience. However, you must pick a sofa that complements your small living room and enhances its appearance.

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You don’t need to worry because we have a few recommendations for comfortable sofas with stunning designs. So, you can consider one of the following best options.

Sohnne Milton Sofa Three-Seater

Milton Sofa

First, we recommend this sofa by Sohnne because it is classic, modern, and ergonomic. Designed for comfort and relaxation, this sofa is excellent for those who want to lounge in style or forget about the crowded world outside.

In relation to the materials used, it comes with multiple-density high-density foam construction as well as quilted fabric upholstery. Because of that, it visually looks attractive and is physically inviting.

This sofa is really appealing as it can adapt to multiple stylistic modes. Today, you may not be able to find a more comfortable sofa. So, we can say that it is a statement piece of home furniture on its own and an excellent addition to a living room. One more thing, this sofa makes one feel at ease when sitting on it, due to its ergonomic design.

Style: 20th Mid-century modern design | Dimension: 68.5” x 40.1” x 27.5” inch | Upholstery material: teddy velvet

Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa

If you want a sofa with flexibility and convenience, this product is really for you. Like other modular sofas, you can rearrange this piece at your whim or discretion. Even more, you can do it easily.

For your information, putting it together is easy. So, any tool is fine. The latching mechanism makes it easy to change a 3-seat sofa into a loveseat and back again. If you want, you can make the couch into a sectional by buying extra pieces like an ottoman or a chaise.

Then, you can choose from different fabrics and colors. You can also choose from different styles for your arms and legs. The fact that the fabric can’t be scratched or stained makes it even better. The cushions that can be turned around make it even cooler. So, it makes sense that the price is higher than what others are charging.

One more thing, it features a built-in phone charger ensuring your phone is always ready to use, even on your laziest days. Therefore, we include Burrow Arch Noma Sofa to the list of the best sofa for small living rooms.

Dimension: 85 x 33 x 35 Inch | Leg finishes: ebony, walnut, oak (wood), black chrome, brass (metal) | Color: ivory, brick red, crushed gravel, navy, charcoal

Corrigan Studio Ellaria Sofa

Now, you can enhance your living room decoration without breaking the bank. Here, this sofa can be a great bet. The Corrigan Studio Ellaria Sofa is not only comfortable, but it is also cheap. But it’s not lacking in style.

This sofa is not like other low-cost sofas that offer the same level of comfort as a covered bench. However, this one comes with thick foam cushions as well as soft velvet upholstery. Then, it is fit for a small living room as it is available at 74 inches wide. Even though it is not large, this sofa is still comfortable for lounging, napping, or TV binging.

If you are interested in it, you can choose one of the 2 available color options. The first is a neutral gray that suits most environments whereas the second one is an emerald green that is suitable for those who want a statement piece that pops.

Wide: 74 inch | Color: neutral gray, emerald green

Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

If your living room is short on space, this small sectional sofa will be perfect furniture. With a floating ottoman, you can complete the L-shape sofa at either end. Anyway, it gives you a more flexible design and greater accommodation for guests.

With a nice, simple shape as well as sophisticated linen-like upholstery, it coheres with most decoration styles. Most importantly, this sofa is very comfortable. It features plush yet firm cushions to provide the right amount of support. Besides that, it comes with flat armrests you can use as a makeshift side-table for a snack bowl or a laptop.

Dimension: 36” H x 82.5” W x 59.5” D | Upholstery material: microfiber/ microsuede | Frame material: solid wood | Color: oakley, bulldozer burgundy, oscar black

Sven Sofa

Nothing represents luxury like a velvet sofa, especially one with a shade of yarrow gold, deep blue, or vibrant green. Available in 88 inches wide, it is perfect for your small living room or other spaces.

This is a splurge but its durability makes this sofa a good investment. Besides that, the sturdy, corner-blocked wooden frame and heavy-duty upholstery makes it very comfortable. In addition, the velvet is rated 40 thousand rubs so that it can withstand the heavy use in a commercial environment.

Dimension: 34” H x 88” W x 38” D | Upholstery material: Charme leather | Color: charme tan, charme chocolat, oxford black, oxford blue


Sohnne Milto Sofa Three-Seater tops our list of the best sofa for small living rooms because of its design, comfort, style, etc., making it perfect for your living room. You can also consider other top options with their own advantages. Sohnne also produces other sofas you can consider.

FAQ About Best Sofa for Small Living Rooms

1. What Type of Sofa Is Best for Small Living Rooms?
A thin low arm sofa can be the best option. With a small space, you cannot only prioritize comfort but also thickness.

2. What Colors of Sofa Are Good for Small Living Rooms?
For your small living room, your sofa must have a neutral color. Besides that, you should consider shades of tan, ivory, or light gray. In addition, you have to use colors for drawing the eye up and out with things like lighting, wall décor, and curtains.

3. What Color of Sofa That Makes the Living Room Look Bigger?
You can make your small living room look more spacious. For an optimum effect, you must go with soft tones such as off-white, greens, and blues. You should also keep in mind that a brighter room doesn’t only feel bigger but is also more inviting.

4. Does a Dark Sofa Make a Small Living Room Look Even Smaller?
For a large, spacious room, it is a good idea to apply dark furniture. It will make the room more intimate and inviting. However, if your living room has small space, dark furniture will make it feel even smaller because it looks overcrowded. So, the best sofa for small living rooms must be in bright colors and soft tones.

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